SURVEY: 33% Of Albertans Say Province Would Be Better Off Separating

That’s higher than the support for separatism in Quebec.

A new Ipsos survey shows surging separatist sentiment in Alberta and Saskatchewan.

33% of Albertan survey respondents say Alberta would be better off separating from Canada.

27% of Saskatchewan residents say the same.

Notably, both numbers are higher than in Quebec, where 26% support separatist sentiment.

Support for separation is up 8 points in the past year, while it’s up 9 points in Saskatchewan. An even bigger change can be seen in the long term, with separatist sentiment up 14 points since 2001.

Clearly, there are large and growing numbers of people in Alberta and Saskatchewan who support separation, as Justin Trudeau’s failed governance splits the country apart.

There is still hope for Canada, with majorities in Alberta and Saskatchewan wanting to stay in the country. But unless Alberta and Saskatchewan get a new deal, get fairness, get changes to equalization, and get the chance to bring their resources to market, then support for separatism will only continue to rise.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube