Alberta Energy Company Houston Oil & Gas Shuts Down

The latest blow to Western Canada’s energy sector.

Houston Oil & Gas, a Calgary-based Alberta oil & gas company, has shut down.

The company has fully stopped operating, and has no employees.

The company had operated 1,264 wells and 251 pipelines.

On their website, Houston Oil & Gas also lists the properties they operated:

Gas properties: Pine Creek/Kaybob, Badger, Eyremore, Leckie, Carmangay, Herronton, Majorville, Lonesome, Shouldice, Thorhild, Nestow

Oil properties: Enchant, Carmangay, Pembina

It is expected that some of their wells will be decommissioned by the Orphan Well Association, at a cost of roughly $80 million.

This is the latest blow to Western Canada’s energy sector, following Encana’s decision to move to the United States and rebrand, removing any connection to Canada from their name.

As the oil industry faces mounting disaster, the Trudeau Liberals continue pushing ahead with legislation based on the rhetoric of foreign-funded opponents of Canada’s energy industry.

As a result, while countries around the world are expanding oil production, Canada is being played for fools, and our own federal government is destroying a key Canadian industry.

Unsurprisingly, that is causing separatist sentiment to surge in Alberta and Saskatchewan, and the worse things get for the energy industry the more support for separation will rise.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Screengrab

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Do we hear any thing from Ottawa about this?
After reading the McLeans, re-election means never having to say your sorry article, meh I doubt we will.


I’ve been a Albertan who is in favor of separation for as long as I can remember. After living through trudo sr reign of western destruction the only option for Alberta & much of the west is to leave the east so they can wallow in the liberal pipe dream without the support of the west. All the west has ever been is a source of income for ottawa to buy the eastern vote. This started with ottawa forcing the western territories to buy products made in ont whereas the same products could have been bought cheaper in the US… Read more »

old white guy

Yep, keep that socialism and climate idiocy rolling along. As I have said, starvation and freezing to death will not dissuade idiots from their appointed tasks. The tasks being, kill all Canadians who actually eat and need to keep warm when the damn weather has 40 below temps.


Well Trudeau has done his job as per his Globalist/UN instructions! Trudeau was selected and placed in this position of PM of Canada. And, he is an Economic Marxist just as an High-profile American politician had claimed. An Economic Marxist is the Prime Minister of Canada! Why? To bring in the One World Centralized Government, New World Order. A Strong middle class would not allow for this to be accomplished. Say good bye to Canada! In fact, say good-bye to the world as the New World Order is coming just like the word of God says. Know who else is… Read more »

shawn harris

Why should Trudeau care about the effects of his anti oil industry policies have on the west, since those same policies helped to get him re elected. He has ignored and helped inflame western alienation and desires to separate for the last years now, so nothing has changed and he really doesn’t care. Trudeau is just following through with his plan to phase out the oil industry, while building a political wall of support for his voter base in Ontario and Quebec. The help the west wants and probably won’t get, will only happen when they find the courage to… Read more »


And while Rome burned …