Conservative Caucus Decides Against Holding Vote On Scheer’s Leadership

He will still face a leadership review at the upcoming Conservative convention.

Conservative MPs and Senators have decided against invoking their power to hold a leadership vote on Andrew Scheer’s future as Party leader.

They could have used their authority under the Reform Act pushed by Conservative MP Michael Chong, in order to decide to have a Caucus vote on Scheer’s leadership.

They decided not to do so.

As a result, Scheer remains secure in his position until next year, when the Conservative Party of Canada will be holding a leadership race.

Scheer is still facing a tenuous situation, with Conservative voters split on whether he should stay or go, and multiple voices from within the party calling for his ouster, while others say he should remain.

Spencer Fernando 

Photo – YouTube

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Gerri Page

Oh just great and now we have to wait when he should be removed asap and replaced. I guess the PC Party wants a puppet PC leader again to lose to the Liberals. People want him out period and we should be heard.


I think Andrew Scheer is a good man, that ended up slammed and slimed by our richer but unfortunately very dishonest bought out socialist puppet media. Any common sense person paying attention could see how phony and very socialist/communist this fake, climate emergencies, criminal globalist election was, as is the way in dictatorships and communist countries.


If the cpc are going to react to every squeek the media attacks on them for absolutely nothing then they don’t belong in this volatile gov. They have to get it through their heads that the msm will do anything to rid the CPC entirely. They should stop giving detail answers to reporters who have no interest in it. Not only that, what I hear live from scheer on tv, you spencer may not, and prob no one in Halifax, maritimes hear a thing. All controled by the media.

old white guy

I think that was the wise choice. The party as a whole should make that decision. Let’s see if they are any smarter the next time around.

Clive Edwards

Scheer isn’t up to the job. We should ask the Americans to choose another Conservative leader for us, since they have obviously chosen our Liberal leader. On another note, if Alberta leaves Confederation, we would become a “foreign country” to which Turdo could give Canadian tax money;-)