WATCH: Former Liberal Premier Defends Alberta, Laments “$30 Billion Transfer Of Canadian Wealth Being Sent South Of The Border”

At least one McKenna seems to get it.

It seems there’s one Liberal named McKenna who is actually able to see reality and defend Canada’s interests.

Obviously, it’s not the McKenna in Ottawa, and their name sure isn’t Catherine.

It’s Frank McKenna, the former Liberal Premier of New Brunswick.

McKenna was part of the pro-business, pro-Canada wing of the Liberal party when it was a more rational and Patriotic organization.

Now, McKenna’s party has totally left him behind, with Trudeau and his cronies in the grips of the radical anti-Canadian energy movement that is wrecking the energy sector in Alberta and Saskatchewan, and tearing our nation apart.

In a recent interview with BNN Bloomberg, McKenna stood up for Alberta, pointing out that their frustration is justified, and noting that Alberta has been an economic engine for all of Canada.

McKenna also explained the fact that $30 Billion is leaving Canada and heading to the United States, lamenting the massive “transfer of wealth” out of our country.

Clearly, McKenna gets it, and it’s disgraceful that Trudeau and Catherine McKenna don’t have Frank McKenna’s common-sense Patriotism.

You can watch McKenna’s remarks below:

“‘It’s a transfer of wealth we don’t need’: Frank McKenna on the ‘Brink’s trucks’-worth of Canadian energy money headed Stateside”

If you have trouble viewing the video, click here.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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old white guy

There is nothing more I can say. Words and votes have proven to be useless.

Joseph Scully

Great, but why didn’t Franky share his thoughts prior to the election?


In 2019 to read the words patriotic and rational in the same sentence that has the word Liberal in it is simply historical. Laurier’s Liberals are dead and gone.

Clive Edwards

Someone else who gets it. Canada has been “Venezuela’d”, and just like in the real Venezuela, Turdo is complicit up to his perfectly coiffed eyebrows.

William Jones

So, he is saying the correct things — now — but, is he prepared to remove himself from the ‘new Liberal’ mentality? Not bloody likely — once a die-hard Liberal, always a Liberal and that alone is indicative of a flaw in the mental capabilities of a Liberal.

K saseniuk

Does this include the over a billion dollars a year we pay new york to take excess hydro power from Quebec instead of transmitting to other provinces?


Hydro power from Quebec is not considered energy, therefore it is not included in thw welfare transfer amount Quebec is given bt Trudeau.