As Alberta Struggles, Quebec’s Government (Which Got $12 Billion In Transfer Payments) To Run $1.4 Billion Surplus & Increase Payments To Families

This will fuel even more anger in Western Canada.

While Alberta and much of Western Canada struggle economically, the Quebec government is running a budget surplus.

According to BNN Bloomberg, “Quebec’s fall economic update is offering more money for families, a reduction in hospital parking fees and a return to a single rate for the province’s subsidized daycare spots. Finance Minister Eric Girard said Thursday the province should finish the 2019-2020 fiscal year with a $1.4-billion surplus, fuelled by a 2.4 per cent increase in GDP in 2019.”

Of course, that last line is somewhat misleading. Quebec’s politicians aren’t running a surplus because their GDP went up, they are running a surplus because they receive about $12 billion in transfer payments yearly.

And as we know, a huge proportion of those transfer payments are funded by Alberta.

Alberta is struggling with their budget, having to make difficult choices in tough economic times, at the same time as Quebec’s government is offering more benefits. In fact, nearly 700,000 families in Quebec are going to get $779 every year in additional benefits.

This will once again show the unfairness of the current Confederation setup. Quebec’s government benefits dramatically from Alberta oil money, yet refuses to allow a pipeline through Quebec. Many Quebec politicians also demonize the Western Canadian energy sector, yet those same politicians are glad to take and spend the equalization money sent from Alberta and Saskatchewan.

This kind of system that takes advantage of Alberta while enriching other provinces simply cannot continue. If it doesn’t change – and fast – Canadian unity will continue to fracture.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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And that is why Canada is most certainly doomed if the federal equalization systems is not updated. Where is Mr. Ford???

Don Taylor

If the west separates and becomes part of the USA ,I will be the first to sign up

Bernard Ship

Quebecers are the HIGHEST taxed Canadians, while those in Alberta are the LOWEST taxed.


Your point being what exactly?

Brian Dougan

Because of their provincial governments. Alberta chose to limit the tax burden on its residents.


So that means that they deserve more of our money? because their provincial government decided to tax their people more and has nothing to do with FEDERAL TAXES so has nothing to do with FEDERAL EQUALIZATION? Did you also know that Quebec doesn’t have to add their $14 billion in revenue from their sales of Hydro into the equalization formula? Did you get passed grade 3 when you were in school?


Past due time to shut the money tap OFF from Alberta. When even Toronto would fell the heat if grain from the west didn’t flow…

alan skelhorne

time to leave, straight up

David MacKAY

Don’t per-occupy yourself with Western separatism. The Trudeau goal has always been to break up Canada but with Quebec leaving debt free.
A United Canada is anti-globalist. United we stand divided we fall. Breaking up Canada is necessarily progressive to the broken parties accepting Globalism.

Gary Dube

I agree that’s Trudeau’s goal. I never thought about it that way though. How did you arrive at this? I have always believed the UN is the beneficiary of our internal fighting, but now I’m not too sure if they are the only ones. The situation with the Chinese has made me wonder whats going on there. Trudeau had a pay and play with several Chinese businessmen(the communist party) first month or two after he was elected. Right after that, there was a donation to daddies foundation and they donated money to build daddy a statue. Then we have two… Read more »


Look who now runs the UN =China, Russia, Middle East etc.. PM Harper backed out of it, he was respected around the world, Pres. Trump has really spoken out about it, Bolsonaro (Brazil) is against it and several more. But Trudeau wants in with all these country destroying globalists. So do the USA Democrats(LIEberals)


Globalisam I have seen a caricature years ago in one the news papers.The bosses were talking at the round table and this is what they said.” We Will Make Plain Field So That The Workers Make A Lot Of Money For Us”.

old white guy

This should fuel anger all across Canada and there should be an immediate reduction of at least 2 billion in transfer payments, aw who cares, cut off the full 12 billion.


“If it doesn’t change – and fast – Canadian unity will continue to fracture.”????? yeaaaahhhhh too late for that, I’m excited for when Alberta pulls out of the CPP and starts collecting it’s own taxes