BLATANT HYPOCRISY: ‘Values Tests’ Imposed By Conservatives = Bad, ‘Values Tests’ Imposed By Quebec Government & The Media = Good

Strange how that works.

When Conservative Leadership Candidate Kellie Leitch proposed the idea of immigration values tests, she was absolutely destroyed by the establishment media and the political elites.

Liberals, New Democrats, reporters, columnists, and even many Conservative politicians ripped into Leitch, sinking her leadership bid.

Yet, it seems that there’s a total double-standard.

Because, since then, it’s become clear that ‘Values Tests’ are apparently just fine, so long as they are imposed by Quebec or the media.

Quebec’s plan to impose immigrant ‘Values Tests’ has gotten a free pass, with all the top federal leaders refusing to strongly condemn it, and refusing to commit to taking any action. They let their desire for votes in Quebec override what they claimed to stand for.

And the establishment media has been imposing their own Values Test on Andrew Scheer, asking him repeated questions about his faith, over and over and over again.

For the record, I think Scheer has been quite bad at answering those questions, as a simple ‘no’ when asked whether he thinks being gay is a sin would help put the questions to rest. Additionally, if he showed up at a family-friendly small-town Pride Parade (as Doug Ford did quite successfully), he would be able to move on to other issues and strengthen his potential appeal in suburban areas.

However, Scheer’s weak communication strategy is still no excuse for the vulture-like establishment press hounding him on the issue after he has answered it repeatedly. His answer has been given, and whether people like it or not that really should be up to the voters – not the establishment press – to decide.

But all of this is part of a deeper hypocrisy.

After all, one of the things that Conservative supporters of the Values Test had mentioned was the importance of explaining that in Canada (in contrast to many other countries), LGBTQ People have equal rights. Yet, when Conservatives sought to ensure that those rights were explained, they were ripped for ‘imposing a test’ on potential immigrants.

So, when the media hounds Scheer on similar issues repeatedly, it all seems like a totally hypocritical, totally disingenuous, and transparently obvious attempt to crush the Conservative Party and create the news, rather than actually report on it.

This kind of blatant hypocrisy is why more and more People refuse to trust anything the establishment press says and are turning to alternative news sources.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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You are singing to the choir.
I have asked the same thing on other sites. The insanity of the powers that be pretending that this different because it is Quebec is par for the course.
The west has been called racist for sending trucks to Ottawa to say they are hurting.
And people question why the west is fed up?



alan skelhorne

its getting closer to a ccivil war, I wonder where Trudeau will run n hide to. because after the first shot, this yellow jacket we long gone, as for butts, he will not go back to nova scotia, too easy to find him there at the cabot trail. they are smiling and having a lot of fun right now, but take a look into the future, and of course history, a dictator won,t last long in this country.


Quebec gets a free pass for everything. I really don’t understand why non Quebecker Canadians put up with this crap. If Ford or Alberta tried any of the things Quebec does they would be pilloried: values test, religious symbol ban, English services to “historical” anglos only, telling a
prospective immigrant from France she in ineligible for immigration because her Ph.D thesis included a chapter in English, etc. You can’t make this stuff up!

Ralph Knapp

Canada will not survive another four years of Trudeau. We’re already hearing rumbles of separation from Alberta and Quebec along with real concerns about the out of control deficit spending costing us, at least, $12B interest per annum. Whether you like it or not, Scheer is the only hope to stop this madness.

old white guy

Sorry Ralph, 63% of Canadians want this crap and Canada will hit rock bottom before any of their tiny minds even grasp what they have done, if they ever grasp anything.

shawn harris

It is a paralyzing fear of Quebec separating from Canada that drives Leaders like Trudeau to go on bended knee and pledge to give Quebec whatever they demand. And what makes this even more maddening to all Canadians, is the well known fact Quebec will only ever go to the edge of separating but will never leave. Because if they should ever leave , then they will lose everything they have strong armed from Canada and Canadians. As far as Scheer being bullied by both the bought and paid for media, Trudeau and his corrupt Liberal sycophants goes, you must… Read more »

Dale Patterson

Good post. Canada needs a strong right-wing leader who tells it like is – even Harper was’t right-wing enough for me. I’m tired of the left controlling the agenda and the media going along with it.