Macron Claims NATO Suffering “Brain Death”

Ironically, while Macron criticizes the US ‘commitment’ to NATO, the US contributes far more than France.

French President Emmanuel Macron says NATO is suffering “brain death,” in comments that are already receiving pushback from other NATO allies.

“What we are currently experiencing is the brain death of NATO,” said Macron, who added, “I don’t know” when asked whether he felt the “collective defense” Article Five of NATO was still in effect.

”(NATO) only works if the guarantor of last resort functions as such. I’d argue that we should reassess the reality of what NATO is in the light of the commitment of the United States,” said Macron.

Macron’s comments are strange, considering that the US contributes far more than France does to NATO. Additionally, it’s very odd that Europe is so dependent on the United States for their defense, considering that Europe’s GDP is nearly 20 times that of Russia, meaning that Europe could easily have a substantial fighting force if they spent even close to 2.0% of GDP on their armed forces.

In fairness, Macron would have been correct if he was criticizing the Trudeau government, who have refused to strengthen our military, meaning Canada makes basically zero contribution to NATO, and is reliant on the US. But, Macron and Trudeau are both pushing a similar elitist message (Macron is horribly unpopular in France), and seem to think that virtue-signalling matters more than tangible investment or action.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Brain dead is a better description of Macron himself.

Norbert Kausen

Macron is vying for a European Union Army. That is ALL he wants! It is time that the EU become fragmented and dissolves! The EU is the litmus test for a global totalitarian government, with its own laws, and judicial system, police force and army! Remember also, that they are NOT elected by the people of the various European nations, yet they are preparing to impose their laws, regulations… absolute control over the citizens of sovereign nations! The EU is in the process of destroying the sovereignty of those nations, just like Trudeau is doing the same to Canadistan… or… Read more »


Lots of banter on here.Does anyone have a plan on how to get our country back from the globalist.Talking doesn’t work.Voting doesn’t work.Protesting with the yellow vests brought unity but not enough.Will we just wait it out until each and everything we cherish gets expunged one by one from us.How far are we away from being another statistic and saying? I sure remember not so long ago what a great honest law abiding country we once were. I appreciate all the warm hearts that participate in giving their honest opinions of the hardships we generational Canadians face. I do believe… Read more »