CRISIS: As Winnipeg Crime Spirals Out Of Control, Police To Close Stations, Reassign Officers To Patrols

“Every category of violent crime has gone up this past year, with the exception of arson” says Winnipeg Police Chief Danny Smyth.

As Winnipeg faces an immense surge in crime, the Winnipeg Police Service is taking some desperate measures to try and get things under control.

In a press conference, Police Chief Danny Smyth said “Every category of violent crime has gone up this past year, with the exception of arson.”

“And I expect 2019 collectively will be worse than 18,” added Smyth.

Smyth also said “People don’t feel safe walking after dark.”

Winnipeg Police are reorganizing their deployment of officers, removing officers from projects with the RCMP, closing some police stations, reducing school-education programs, and cutting back on the drunk-driving checkstop program, in order to reassign those officers to patrols in cars and patrols on foot.

Winnipeg is currently on track for the most homicides on record, with 40 people having been murdered so far in 2019, 1 short of the record 41 homicides for the city. In just the last month, 11 people have been murdered in Winnipeg.

Liquor store thefts are also surging, with people brazenly walking into liquor marts and stealing product while security watches it all happen and the criminals get away without punishment.

Winnipeg’s virtue-signalling mayor Brian Bowman has been reduced to desperation, asking the province and federal government to help as Winnipeg descends further into violence.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Screengrab

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Canada needs law and order back with power to do real protection. First we need real government for all of us. Socialism always comes with corruption and crime.


I used to live in Winnipeg. There were areas I wouldnt wander around in even in broad daylight. That was quite awhile ago too.

Big Priest'

Wait what?

I thought that the archaic law known as oppression, I mean gun control had everything under control, and that Canadians were safe in their own streets?

Hmmm, maybe it’s time for all law abiding Canadians to be armed, and be allowed to carry on their person, so that they can defend themselves, against the criminal element.

Wake up brain washed Canadians, your government is literally holding you hostage.

When are you all going to fight back?