REPORT: Canada Loses Over 16,000 Full-Time Jobs, Manufacturing Hardest Hit

Big losses in manufacturing and construction sectors.

Ahead of the October jobs report, economists had been predicting an increase of 15,900 jobs.

It didn’t happen.

Instead, the economy lost a net 1,800 jobs.

The biggest losses were in the manufacturing sector, where 23,000 jobs were lost. 21,000 jobs were also lost in the construction sector.

Additionally, there were 18,000 lost jobs in the “other services” industry.

In total, Canada lost 27,800 self-employed workers, and lost 2,700 net private sector workers.

Government jobs were the only area of growth, with public sector jobs going up by 28,700.

Notably, this report follows a ‘surprisingly good’ jobs report just before the federal election, leading to questions about the timing that certainly gave a boost to the Trudeau Liberals, a point noted on Twitter by Ezra Levant:

“I suspect Statistics Canada has been corrupted by Trudeau, like many other Canadian institutions.

Just before the election they had “surprising” good economic news. Now that Trudeau’s re-elected, they’re revising their number back down.

They’re political now.”

Additionally, while Stats Canada says wages are going up, almost nobody in the country thinks that things are actually getting better. By contrast, the majority of Canadians say they’ll be cutting their spending this Christmas, and the debt burden is piling up.

So, it’s increasingly clear that beyond the numbers put out by the government, Canada’s economy is failing and getting worse.

Spencer Fernando

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Voting Trudeau back in has done what I believed would happen to this country.
Remember when Butts was destroying Ontario?
Expect more of the same for 4 more years.
I weep for Canadians.


Tongue in cheek, the elites are bringing to Canada a new kind of exciting employment!!! We all get those there illegal guns since they are not banned and rob the elites!! (which is OK cause they have lots and are insured) you do not even have to pay taxes on this income, maybe if caught you would be on bail for a while it seems they do not get prison time and can keep working full time? or if you enjoy traveling get a group of people together go on vacation, one person brings back everyone else’s ID’s the rest… Read more »

Don Taylor

I would like to know when the Turdeau voters are going to smarten up and Kick Turdeau out of office before he breaks Canada

Eric Blair

Ezra’s comment about StatCan being corrupted by the Trudeau Liberals makes sense. Remember that StatsCan got a new chief statistician about 11 months after Trudeau got elected PM. The outgoing chief statistician, Wayne Smith, quit due to his concerns about the independence of Statistics Canada in relation to IT services being transferred to Shared Services Canada. The key word here is ‘independence’. Could it be that Smith was asked to delay StatsCan information releases to suit the Liberal government and to adjust employment or unemployment data for similar reasons and he wouldn’t.

Nolan Diamond

Anyone who defies Trudeau, to prevent his dishonesty, gets replaced. Spoiled rich, trust fund kids, get their way. Left wing CBC news, supports the Trudeau liberals for sure.