BREAKING: Sportsnet Fires Don Cherry

The network apparently has a problem with Cherry’s remarks, yet has no problem being sponsored by Communist China-controlled Huawei.

Sportsnet has fired Don Cherry.

The move follow’s Cherry’s remarks on the importance of wearing a poppy.

Here is the statement issued by Sportsnet:

Cherry had faced criticism over remarks in which he chastised some people for not wearing a poppy.

Yet, as I said on Twitter, the vast silent majority of Canadians will agree with Cherry’s remarks:

“The vast silent majority of Canadians will agree with what Don Cherry said. Canada’s elites fail to realize how many Canadians want to hear a message of Patriotism, even if delivered aggressively.”

“Lots of people who were fine with Justin Trudeau wearing blackface are all of sudden ‘outraged’ over Don Cherry saying people should wear poppies.”

Rogers is also apparently fine with letting Communist-China controlled Huawei sponsor Hockey Night in Canada, which is an absolute disgrace:

“Instead of Rogers Sportsnet apologizing for Don Cherry, they should apologize for still allowing Communist China controlled Huawei to be a sponsor of Hockey Night in Canada.”

“Notice how there’s ‘politically-correct’ anger against Don Cherry, yet not a shred of that same anger towards Communist China’s continued detention of two innocent Canadian Citizens. That’s ‘post-nationalism’ at work: Broken priorities & no strength to confront true threats.”

The move to fire Cherry – a Canadian icon – is a disgrace, and Sportsnet has revealed themselves to be weak and cowardly in the face of politically-correct outrage.

What a sad joke this is. Canada has a PM who got away with wearing blackface, yet Cherry loses his job for calling on people to wear a poppy and honour our troops.


Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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I don’t watch sports. If I did I would boycott the station.
I support Don Cherry 100%. What is wrong with pointing out the obvious in this country.
This is how they shut everyone up. The tide needs to change now.


And this happens on November 11th!!! The elites cannot stand the truth!!!!

Terry Ell

Sportsnet should be ashamed of themselves. What a disgrace you are and I for one will be boycotting you. What a joke albeit pathetic you have become.


Hypocrisy & twisted values in Canadian society & media today is absolutely dizzying. Never been a fan of Don Cherry but I am a fan of free speech. Trudeau’s blackface gets a pass but Cherry is fired by the Chinese-owned company holding 2 Canadians for no stated reason other than they’re Canadians to be intimidated. Does blackface Trudeau care, or do anything? No, he has to snuggle up the girls, smile for more selfies, go surfing

Richard Douglas

What ever happened to freedom of expression ? I suppose we must never remind these immigrant to assimilate and that they are in OUR country,after all why should they acknowledge the freedom they enjoy at the expense of our Vets.


Don was right and the pencil necks were wrong, you just have to stroll down almost any street in the country to see the truth in his words. I guess that I will no longer view any Rogers or sportsnet product… there are always streams from the US feeds available.


Harsh penalties are imposed on anyone not following the media and government narrative. Scientists too are being let go should the science finds discrepancies with the media’s narrative on this climate crisis.
Welcome to the new Canada where the government opinion is imposed and no one is allowed to challenge this without severe penalties.

Glen Davidson

He was just telling the Truth. Social Justice Nonsense is going too far; plus all wars are banker wars. Never about the people who died, it is about what the elite can plunder after the dust settles. For instance, gold, patents, and real-estate .


Spencer, follow the money, it is far more important than Canadian values.


Thank you Spencer, I cannot state nearly as well as you have, I agreed totally with Don Cherry’s writing this. Don Cherry stands FOR Canada and our freedom and way of life, our heritage, our brave men who kept us free and independent. All Canadians should support our Vets and our Military.


I keep thinking the politically correct police cant get any stupider, but they prove me wrong over and over. This insanity has to stop.

Is this any way to have Don Cherry end his career? Sportsnet sucks and I wont pay another penny on my cable bill to support the sports network package , even though I miss some games I’d like to see (such as Seattle and San Francisco tonight)

james isnor

Wow that did nt take long. The SJW’s , the MSM and the PC Cult got their scalp forthwith and on Remembrance day too. How giddy they must feel. I’m sure there will be a lot of latte split on their Birkenstocks today at the coffee shop whilst high fiving over a sacking which in their minds should have happened a millennium ago. Too bad they did nt have such a blood lust when our current PM groped and black faced his way to Ottawa.

Guy-Paul Roy

Sad day for Canada and Canadians that had Fathers, Mothers and Grand Parents that fought for our freedoms. Shame on Sportsnet for their Biggotries which they have not YET understood.


Lest We Forget

Freedom of speech

Time to take a stand Canada.
Time to Boycott Sports Net.

Diane DiFlorio

Please, help me out here. Would there be any issue if
said “you peoplekind” instead?
Inquiring minds need to know.

Tony Benjamin

What has this country become? People continue to hide themselves from their true feelings and opinions about such issues as this. The vast majority would agree with Don Cherry but we have to be manipulated by the likes of the CBC into trying to conform us to into a spineless, useless, socialist society?


So, we have a ( so called ) PM that has committed several ethics breaches, SNC Lavalin scandal, PLUS several very racist blackface pictures coming to the surface, and NOTHING happens. Idiots actually re-elect him…..Don states an observation – that many see as being totally accurate, if you look around, at who IS wearing a poppy and – more importantly – who isn’t – and he loses his job, over THAT ?
NO way is that fair…He should be re-instated immediately, if not sooner.


Yet, they have no problem with racist Trudeau.

shawn harris

This is a disgrace and insult to all Canadians who have both served and died for Canada and for what it stands for. This result, a firing of a Canadian icon for speaking his mind in a so called free and democratic country, that supposedly is all for equal rights and free speech,is exactly what happens when decision making becomes detached from reality. And is executed by morally vacant elite globalists like Trudeau; who are guided by and informed by their far left socialist ideology, rather than common sense and actually listening to the average citizen. Immigrants are supposed to… Read more »

sandra c

This is like a train starting slow, going faster until it picks up so much speed that it’s out of control and can’t be stopped until it fly’s off the rails and crashes, taking casualties and doing tons of damage. It’s really sad when someone loses their job for stating the obvious and what is on many people’s minds. Most of us are not blind. And yet our Government and so many of our own Canadians will watch and involve themselves in parades of other Cultures and Nationalities, honouring their causes and promote changing the names of Canadian parks and… Read more »

Moe S.

Terrorists who fought against our Canadian veterans & U.S. allies receive $10,000 million i.e., Omar Khadr. Yet, Don Cherry gets fired for supporting our traditional poppy & Canadian veterans. What a crazy world!


Ya truth no longer acceptable. Tens of thousands young men and women died for what. Today’s society does not deserve the freedoms so many young men and women died to preserve. If ever another war believe you me few in today’s world would have the guts to fight for freedom.

Jim Montag

Canada is going to hell in a rapid way.

Ruth Scott

Freedom of speech has always been a part of Canada. So what is it now? As long as you talk in a politically correct manner you can virtually get away with anything at all. Is there no joy in anyone , except to praise oneself? How sad for all those smug PC police.

Clive Edwards

I always wear a poppy for Remembrance Day. It is a reminder that war is evil, and that human beings involved in conflict died. It is not a day to celebrate tribal enmities, which can only lead to more wars. it is a day to reaffirm commitment to peace and if possible good will.

David Henley

As long as Canadians support the liberal policies this will continue. Canada is being taken apart one leg at a time. Will no longer be able to stand up for your country without being attacked. Already6 has happened far to many times with Trudeau, but nobody listens.


What Canada has become? A banana republic managed by incompetents, fools and lefties.
What a disgrace.

Mark Gallicano

A bucket of coal to all those that turned Don Cherry’s observation of people that won’t support our veterans in the poppy campaign as a racist rant . The numbnuts that vandalized the cenotaph at Toronto just proved Don Cherry right.


Good for Don Cherry says it like it is


Oh Don do you not know only comments made by terrorists are excused And accepted