Leftist Elites Distorted & Falsified Don Cherry’s Comments, Then Attacked Their Own Distortions & Falsifications

A tactic often seen by the corrupt leftist elites as they attempt to manipulate people.

Don Cherry’s firing represents the disturbing and despicable ‘triumph’ of an oft-used leftist tactic:

Take someone’s remarks, distort them into what you wish they had actually said, and then attack the distorted new remarks you made up.

For example, Cherry has been attacked for ‘racist comments,’ and for apparently saying ‘people of colour didn’t contribute as Veterans.’ Peter Mansbridge even wrote an article for CBC that had a subheading implying Cherry had said all Canadian Veterans were white.

Except, Cherry didn’t even come close to saying any of the things above.


Yet, that fact didn’t stop the corrupt establishment media elites from simply pretending that Cherry did say those things, then attacking him for saying things he didn’t say, and then getting him fired after generating an outraged reaction to his made up comments.

“CBC in a nutshell: lie about what Cherry said, invent a narrative, then challenge their own invented narrative.

If you are wear a poppy and support our troops, Don Cherry was not talking about you!!”

It’s a disgusting tactic, and it’s one the left loves using more and more – because it works.

The elites count on the weakness of corporate CEOs, who simply panic at the first sign of controversy and desperately try to make it go away.

That’s what happened to Cherry, as Sportsnet and Ron MacLean threw Cherry under the bus before there could even be a sustained pushback against the false narrative the leftist elites pushed.

At this point of course, it’s inevitable that common sense Canadians will have no choice but to use those same tactics to push back and stop this elitist insanity.

Spencer Fernando

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