Leftist Elites Distorted & Falsified Don Cherry’s Comments, Then Attacked Their Own Distortions & Falsifications

A tactic often seen by the corrupt leftist elites as they attempt to manipulate people.

Don Cherry’s firing represents the disturbing and despicable ‘triumph’ of an oft-used leftist tactic:

Take someone’s remarks, distort them into what you wish they had actually said, and then attack the distorted new remarks you made up.

For example, Cherry has been attacked for ‘racist comments,’ and for apparently saying ‘people of colour didn’t contribute as Veterans.’ Peter Mansbridge even wrote an article for CBC that had a subheading implying Cherry had said all Canadian Veterans were white.

Except, Cherry didn’t even come close to saying any of the things above.


Yet, that fact didn’t stop the corrupt establishment media elites from simply pretending that Cherry did say those things, then attacking him for saying things he didn’t say, and then getting him fired after generating an outraged reaction to his made up comments.

“CBC in a nutshell: lie about what Cherry said, invent a narrative, then challenge their own invented narrative.

If you are wear a poppy and support our troops, Don Cherry was not talking about you!!”

It’s a disgusting tactic, and it’s one the left loves using more and more – because it works.

The elites count on the weakness of corporate CEOs, who simply panic at the first sign of controversy and desperately try to make it go away.

That’s what happened to Cherry, as Sportsnet and Ron MacLean threw Cherry under the bus before there could even be a sustained pushback against the false narrative the leftist elites pushed.

At this point of course, it’s inevitable that common sense Canadians will have no choice but to use those same tactics to push back and stop this elitist insanity.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Robert Anes

I am 100% behind Don Cherry, we get far TOO MANY undesirebals in Canada. Look what is happening in The U.K. and Sweden, Germany and France. They want to take over the country. I am an immigrant (came in 1955) and like Canada except for the money that is being “borrowed” from future gennerations.

William Jones

You betcha, Robert.


This is what the lefties voted for in the East, esp. the GTA, they obviously believe the lies they are being told and think this is a good thing supporting this corruption of Canada. I also just read an article about the pope, agreeing to back the UN on birth control and abortion to help stop the “poor” from polluting the world and asking everyone to obey the UN? (world population control) I also just read that the Chinese, Russian, South African, and India’s presidents have all arrived in Brazil to have a talk with Brazils President, Jair Bolsonaro who… Read more »

William Jones

You are absolutely correct, NancyW


The people that went to war did so, so we could have the right to speak up.
The message here is if you speak your mind you will be silenced, and lose your employment.


In one foul swoop they have shut up a lot of people. Justin must be giddy about that kind of power.

William Jones

Our ‘wannabe’ dictator is simply biding his time to declare himself ‘dictator for life,’ which is the standard procedure as history has demonstrated.


Many times now, the media distorts what anyone says and can be the total opposite as long as just a small portion is the truth. It is classed as opinion pieces and how the libel laws are avoided.

Leo Frey

I encourage everyone who supports free speech, especially when it is taken out of context, to dump Sportsnet. There are numerous other channels that cover NHL hockey. I will no longer support them and if I can’t see a game that’s on Sportsnet I would sooner just watch highlights on TSN.

shawn harris

As much as the far left socialist elites using straight up lies, fabrications and distortions of the truth goes, it only has a slender chance of working if those who read or listen to it, don’t stop to think and challenge just what was presented to them as the truth. Don Cherry’s firing for supporting one our most cherished traditions of remembering our fallen soldiers and those in our military, was and still is an extremely clear example of social justice warriors lies and hypocrisy in action. These same far left social justice warriors are very comfortable supporting our Prime… Read more »

William Jones

Your last paragraph mirrors my comments for some 50 years now and you cannot believe how refreshing it is to read them. If what you say could happen, we might well regain our country before it is too late. My thanks for your efforts to point out the obvious.

William Jones

There is no doubt whatever that Don Cherry said what he said — and it was refreshing to hear someone who has been successful in his job and is known across the country say what he did and say it shamelessly, much to the chagrin of the elites – those who cannot stand the truth. This might well be a turning point in our social/political situation (although I truly doubt that) that is needed and needed soon if we intend to regain our country.

james isnor

They had so many complaints about Don C they had to stop taking them ? I wonder. Maybe they thought they had the perfect storm. Do you think they may have thought ‘ lets use this opportunity to generate a fake narrative to oust this ‘ white boy who isn’t very nice’ Should we possibly use the Freedom of Information act to get the ‘complaints’ released. Should he be judged by these people. Would nt it be great if some old footage or quotes of these people surfaced showing their true color . Jess A already showed hers.