WATCH: Don Cherry Speaks To Tucker Carlson On Fox News

Interview comes as more and more Canadians express outrage at Sportsnet’s decision to fire Cherry.

Following Sportsnet’s weak and cowardly decision to throw Don Cherry under the bus after he tried discussing the importance of Canadians wearing a Poppy to honour and remember our fallen heroes, the story has gotten worldwide attention.

It is seen as an example of a Patriotic Canadian icon being silenced for speaking out, and as an example of pathetic and craven corporate cowardice.

Many people are also trying to figure out how Cherry was fired from Sportsnet, yet Justin Trudeau remains PM of Canada.

Suffice it to say, Canada is looking like a pretty crazy place right now.

You can watch Cherry’s interview on Tucker Carlson below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


The Establishment Media is more biased than ever before, and is getting bailed out by the Trudeau government with $600 MILLION Taxpayer Dollars. That’s why Canada needs Independent Voices like Spencer Fernando. If you want to support Spencer, you can contribute through PayPal at the link below:

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Major Tom

Don Cherry has balls! Something sadly lacking in Canada!

pancake rachel corrie

He said it right …those people…meaning the uncivilized barbaric peoples the illegitimate government has allowed into the country


Still upset to see an Icon to our sport getting shafted for trying to be patriotic to our country and fallen soldiers…

Marion Leyland

Can’t find the interview – only Cherry being interviewed by Global


Lieberals slogan “move forward with us” (to destabilize and defeat Canada and Canadians at their expense can pay for their defeat, wink wink) “or move backwards with the Conservatives” (and save Canada as your home and get the big takeover and money spenders gone). Who ever voted for this slogan wanted Don Cherry and the rest of us Canadians and our traditions gone along with our country that our soldiers fought to protect from this fascist government moving “forward” here in Canada.


The pandering politically correct free speech hating fascist Canadian Media is at it again, twisting the news to their disgusting version of what they think the world should be. Nowhere did Cherry say immigrants or even refer to the illegals. “You people” meant those failing to wear a poppy. I understood that instantly. OK, here is my version of Singh’s repeated statement. Sing clearly stated time and again that he would never work with Conservatives. Thinking the way the Canadian Media does, I interpret that to mean all NDP voters and supporters hate Conservatives. What Singh said was clearly hate… Read more »

Xena Gomes

“Jugnut” is unfit to serve Canada in any political position, because he declared ,in public, that he does not respect the Conservatives and does not want to work with them. Only Socialism and Corruption will be accepted by him, we guess, because that is what is left in the Trugroper Gov.. Is it illegal not to be a Socialist in Canada? Already? Why do corrupt Canadians accept a person who does not hide his hatred towards the majority of Canadian voters who, in fact, voted Conservative? Or does he not respect a traditional, center moderate political ideology? Only Communist Extremists… Read more »


Hey, Spencer did you realize that this Hannity video – and many more of his – have been edited back to be only 2 seconds long ? Is it because I’m trying to watch from Canada, and it’s Trudeau’s doing, I wonder ?
You know : the whole Digital Charter thing he signed to control internet content ? Because it sure looks that way.


Thanks Don for saying everything most of us all believe is patriotism for our fallen soldiers.

William Jones

I said it on FB and I repeat it here. We should, by whatever method can be utilized, have a ‘DON CHERRY DAY’ to demonstrate our (White Old Stock Canadians) support Don Cherry.