VIDEO: Jess Allen On ‘The Social’ Makes Bigoted Comments About Hockey Fans Being “White Boys” Who “Weren’t Very Nice”

Straight up bigotry and explicit references to race. How can Cherry be fired while Jess Allen keeps her job?

Speaking on ‘The Social,’ one of the hosts Jess Allen made bigoted comments and explicitly referred to the race of people she dislikes.

She said she doesn’t like hockey, and then claimed that those who are hockey fans are “all white boys who weren’t very nice.”

You can watch Allen’s comments below:

As you can see, that is explicitly race-focused, and is insulting towards an entire group of people based on race and gender.

It would be wrong to attack ‘brown women,’ so it must also be wrong to attack ‘white boys.’ If racism against one group is wrong, then it must be wrong against all groups.

Clearly, Allen must be fired. If those are the new rules, then the rules must be applied to Allen.

What Allen did is far worse than what Cherry did. Allen explicitly referred to race, singled people out by race and gender, and then disparaged them.

If Allen gets away with it, it is just further proof that the leftist elites think they can get away with anything, while punishing the rest of us for sharing our common-sense Patriotic opinions.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


The Establishment Media is more biased than ever before, and is getting bailed out by the Trudeau government with $600 MILLION Taxpayer Dollars. That’s why Canada needs Independent Voices like Spencer Fernando. If you want to support Spencer, you can contribute through PayPal at the link below:

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Donald O'Kane

I totally agree. FIRE HER FOR HER REMARKS … NOW! They we true bigotry and racist. Much worst than what Don Cherry said.


It’s verbal garbage like this that drives conservatives insane.!!!
The left seem to be able to say whatever they want, about whoever they want to, with NO repercussions.
A good man like Don Cherry points out facts, and simple truths, and he loses his job….
It may take a revolution to repair this…. !!!

old white guy


james isnor

As long as white men are the target……………………………………………………………crickets…………………………………….

old white guy

and yes

Eric Blair

Yes fire her and make the others on that panel offer apologies via tweeter for not stopping her say what she said.


I so agree. I have watched this show and have since stopped. On one episode, they were mocking Kim Kardashian West for working on becoming a lawyer. I don’t care if you like the woman or not. They are suppose to be a show about supporting women. Kim is a woman that has created herself more than one business, has 4 children and a husband. Then studies to get her law degree and you put her down for this? . (Yes she has nanny’s, she can afford it. Working women have babysitters, they call it daycare) The entire show should… Read more »


Just called CTV, Bellmedia(teachers union) who puts on this”the social”
when asked if they are firing these racists pro-fascism, like Sportsnet did to Don Cherry – – they hung up. Lets all cancel our bell media services.


Should be fired!!!

Arlene Burgin

Jess comes from my home town, and i’m so disappointed by her remarks…… My son played hockey, and I have 3 nephews that play hockey, how dare she say my kids are white bully kids. Don didn’t say anything racist at all….. he say ALL people should wear poppies, and we should ……. Jess is racist, and a bully and my family will not be watching the Social any more , DISGUSTING

John Smith



What the hell is she even referring to? Sports fans come in all shapes and sizes? It’s a spectator sport, so to make stupid comments about something she has no business even knowing about, she must be a total idiot left leaning MORON!


How much longer are we going to take being second hand citizens.At least France protested on carbon tax and fuel hikes.Are we going to let the doper pass the new C bills when the house reconvenes on November 20/2019.Between all the illegals and no mind free everything libtard voters what’s the chances of winning another election.Anyone that’s speaks there mind gets fired or black balled.Will the trudoper impose the big fine and jail time for speaking the truth.We have to find ways to fight the corrupt left.I’m sincerely worried time is running out to save our way of life in… Read more »

old white guy

Just one more ignorant socialist, uneducated, female.


I can tell you this upsets me far more than the poorly chosen words of Don Cherry, which had nothing to do with hockey. In this short clip, she has insulted white boys, hockey players, their parents and every volunteer who spends countless hours so that kids have the opportunity to participate in an organized sport that offers so much more than learning how to play hockey. It builds self-esteem, they learn about teamwork, resilience, leadership and gives them a sense of belonging. What about dance, basketball, baseball? Would she say the same about all organized sport? Are you saying… Read more »


Wow! Ignorant, racist, judgmental rant. And others say there nodding agreement? If this chick keeps her job it’s because she’s friends with the black face misogynistic liar who just got re-elected as PM.


She makes us wonder just how she got that job. I wonder just what her area of expertise is as she isn’t much of a host.

John Smith

She is not the host. She is a guest Speaker.


Hmm, a very intolerant individual. She might be seeking tolerance soon.

Steve Forth

Of course she will get away with it… that’s how it works on the far left. Do as they say and not as they do. This progressive ideology is a cancer on society and more people in the silent majority need to make their opinions heard so that we can put an end to this nonsense.

Barry Williams

Here they come, the kids in the bright white sports car…

alan skelhorne

you say they think they will get away with this. they will, these r Trudeaus followers. its as simple as that.

Jimmy Giles

Who hired this ranting person? She should be fired, she has no idea what hockey is all about. Ridiculing young boys who want to learn a sport following the rules of hockey & gaining better health by getting exercise. No person with any sense would have hired this real loser as a speaker! She has to GO!

Anna MacIntosh

Melissa is no better to sit there and laugh at her thinking it’s great! Shame on you Melissa you’re the shows host you should know better. Ditch both of them.

Debbie Graham

Yes. Fire her!


Where can I send a message to fire Jessica Allen
To ctv


Fire jessica