VIDEO: Jess Allen On ‘The Social’ Makes Bigoted Comments About Hockey Fans Being “White Boys” Who “Weren’t Very Nice”

Straight up bigotry and explicit references to race. How can Cherry be fired while Jess Allen keeps her job?

Speaking on ‘The Social,’ one of the hosts Jess Allen made bigoted comments and explicitly referred to the race of people she dislikes.

She said she doesn’t like hockey, and then claimed that those who are hockey fans are “all white boys who weren’t very nice.”

You can watch Allen’s comments below:

As you can see, that is explicitly race-focused, and is insulting towards an entire group of people based on race and gender.

It would be wrong to attack ‘brown women,’ so it must also be wrong to attack ‘white boys.’ If racism against one group is wrong, then it must be wrong against all groups.

Clearly, Allen must be fired. If those are the new rules, then the rules must be applied to Allen.

What Allen did is far worse than what Cherry did. Allen explicitly referred to race, singled people out by race and gender, and then disparaged them.

If Allen gets away with it, it is just further proof that the leftist elites think they can get away with anything, while punishing the rest of us for sharing our common-sense Patriotic opinions.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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