WATCH: Don Cherry Regularly Says “You People” To Refer To Everyone

Of course, the ‘outraged’ left ignored this crucial context in their rush to judgement.

Don Cherry was criticized heavily by the ‘woke leftists’ for using the phrase “you people” when calling on people to wear a Poppy to honour our troops.

The left even tried twisting Cherry’s comments into somehow being ‘racist,’ even though Cherry never mentioned race.

And, it turns out that Cherry regularly says “You People” when referring to everybody.

It’s a point noted by journalist Anthony Furey, who included an example of Cherry using the term in a totally innocuous manner:

“It’s been mentioned that Cherry often says “you people” in a completely generic way, that it’s just how he talks and has nothing to do with race. Someone in our office just dug up this example:”

This context should have been a part of the response to Cherry’s comments, but the woke left ignored it in their rush to destroy Cherry and silence Patriotic Canadians.

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Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Donald O'Kane

“YOU PEOPLE” should listen to Don Cherry, he is a true Canadian Patriot and loves this Country and everyone in it. He has more class in his little finger than Trudeau, the Liberals and mainstream media have combined.

old white guy

Ignorance is bliss in beautiful multi culti, diverse, everyone is equal, except for some in the frozen north that is Canada. . Yes, Canadians are very stupid. I will keep saying it and yelling it from the roof tops but it will be to no avail because, CANADIANS, ARE, STUPID.

Brian Dougan

I felt a twinge of sadness watching this video. Don Cherry is more Canadian than maple syrup, and has done so much to help people. He should be lauded; not pilloried. Regardless of what he meant–and I completely agree with him either way–this video; if aired to the Leftists in the media–would exonerate him. It’s a sad; sad day for this country. The True North: No longer strong. No longer free. They changed our Anthem. “True patriot love; “In ‘all of us’ command.” No; damn it. It’s “In ALL THY SONS command.” The Left despises masculinity. Despises the military. Despises… Read more »

William Jones

Those of us who are still capable of independent thought have recognized the need to think and to analyze comments from media, politicians, and used car salesmen as necessary in order to understand and separate the truth from the statements they make in order to convince one that their — whatever it is they are selling — is the best of the choices. The reality is that all too many people believe whatever is said and do not consider that they may be ‘being led down the garden path.’


Defund the CBC , they destroy anyone who they don’t agree with . The CBC will let black face , brown face proceed past go without hardly a second look . The CBC will let Kokanee boy finger a reporter , or knock up a student where he taught , or get away with lies involving SCLavalin and personal finance expenses , the list goes on and on . But Don Cherry says two words they don’t like and they destroy his career . Again defund the CBC they are just to decisive , lieing and manipulating to be funded… Read more »


A good man with a heart..he cares, unlike so many in the mega mass media and their masters and those who milk the land.


Trudeau wants us to be all inclusive and say people

Andy Derksen

Spencer, I’m generally a big fan of yours, and while I agree with you that Cherry’s remarks weren’t racist – you’ve mistakenly favored a broader context over the *immediate* context. The latter trumps the former. Cherry used the precise phrase “You people come here” – which immediately distinguishes his target from your alleged “everyone.” Cherry was obviously addressing people who weren’t already here – i.e., in Canada (because he also referred to the Canadian way of life). In the immediate context, then, Cherry obviously meant immigrants, not “everybody.” … I’m not assuming he should’ve been fired, but let’s be willing… Read more »


Yes, looking for this comment right here before post the same. The precise phrase is “You people who come here”. I’m just checking out Spencer Fernando as a news source. And spotted this. I’m also concerned about a couple of other stories being run. So far I find this media center/right bias.