WATCH: Don Cherry Regularly Says “You People” To Refer To Everyone

Of course, the ‘outraged’ left ignored this crucial context in their rush to judgement.

Don Cherry was criticized heavily by the ‘woke leftists’ for using the phrase “you people” when calling on people to wear a Poppy to honour our troops.

The left even tried twisting Cherry’s comments into somehow being ‘racist,’ even though Cherry never mentioned race.

And, it turns out that Cherry regularly says “You People” when referring to everybody.

It’s a point noted by journalist Anthony Furey, who included an example of Cherry using the term in a totally innocuous manner:

“It’s been mentioned that Cherry often says “you people” in a completely generic way, that it’s just how he talks and has nothing to do with race. Someone in our office just dug up this example:”

This context should have been a part of the response to Cherry’s comments, but the woke left ignored it in their rush to destroy Cherry and silence Patriotic Canadians.

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Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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