WATCH: Jess Allen Doubles Down & ‘The Social’ Still Hasn’t Fired Her

Disgusting double-standard.

Jess Allen of ‘The Social’ has doubled down on her bigoted comments about hockey fans.

And, it seems ‘The Social’ is ignoring the outrage of millions of Canadians and is refusing to fire her.

Following her disgusting comments in which she said hockey fans were “white boys” who “weren’t very nice,” Allen responded to the growing outrage.

But instead of apologizing or retracting her comments, she doubled-down.

Sounding nervous, Allen tried to throw in some talk about her family’s history with hockey, but repeatedly mentioned her ‘lived experiences,’ effectively sticking with her comments and doubling-down on her terrible remarks.

You can watch Allen double-down below:

In case you have trouble viewing the video, click here.

By refusing to retract her comments, Allen is making clear that she thinks the rules don’t apply to her. She thinks she should be able to get away with explicitly mentioning race negatively, while Don Cherry should be fired.


Even worse, The Social is letting her get away with it by refusing to fire her.

This is a disgusting double-standard and Canadians need to keep expressing our outrage at this total hypocrisy.

This isn’t going away, and neither are the millions of Canadians who are fed up with this garbage.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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The irony is, she is the bully she is talking about. Her and her show mates.

Daniel Harder

It’s like they are slapping Canadians in our faces.
That double standards exist in Canada and our Gov’t, our leaders, don’t care…..
Sad commentary on society that when given the opportunity to make change, those in the position of creating healthy change, prefer to sink as low as their perceived or real persecuters from the past and instead resort to the formerly bullied now becoming the bullies. :/
Sick actually.


Toronto is going down the s hole quickly


Wow the media in Canada is so against Canada, only allowed to bully and bring hate against the “white boys” the reverse racists, stop at CTV and Bell Media, Sportsnet and Rogers, must have been paid by the lieberals with our tax dollars? or why are they in Canada to bring racism and division and hate, so sad.


Why is it her lived experience allows her to be prejudiced.

John Gower

Typical bully. Even when caught she continues to be judge,jury and executioner. You are talking of someone’s sons and daughters. Complete trash!!


What’a put-on she is, let’s all boycott CTV and the 1st intermission of HNIC for now on, pass it on!


Fire her, disgusting she is still there, quit watching show.


Honestly, the Social is a place where one expresses her views. It is debatable, you can agree or disagree. She does not make a habit of being a bigot or bringing people down. Don Cherry is just used to people expecting outrageous comments over the years and he does make a habit of coming across as a racist. NOT saying he is….it just so happens enough was enough. Too bad for him. Really , but I don’t believe Jessica should be fired for one misstep…if you want. I hope others agree. I think people are sad for Don, but it’s… Read more »


She has become the bully she speaks about. Her words were far more offensive than Don Cherry’s. I am done watching this show. Done. Period.

Tanya Powell

Ask the Humboldt Broncos if they are all white boys and bullies? It doesn’t cost nor take much time to care about what we say to each other. Don’t you think?


Never mind jess allen……boycott her platform!!!! It should read… get rid of ctv..the racist network. It’s ctv executives allowing this to continue not her. Take away both of their power. Boycott CTV!

Seraya smit

Hold on a sec. Just imagine this scenario. What if Jess Allen said black boys and basketball, instead of white boys and hockey? Would it be discrimination then? Ponder this for a moment. Can you imagine the backlash? The outrage? Why, (gasp!), the mere thought of it!! The moment she revealed herself to social media as a bigot and racist she opened herself up to rebuttal. Racism is the belief that a particular race is superior or inferior to another, that a person’s social and moral traits are predetermined by his or her inborn biological characteristics. Jess All en specifically… Read more »

Dianne Poland

Ironically The Social has seen better days. A group of women sharing their own personal views end up in a group of screaming, talking over each other to get their personal views across no longer appeals to a number of us. CTV, there must be better shows. Jess Allen was the last straw, her views like those of her co-horts tend towards bullying, domineering & self-centred. Hockey in so many forms has contributed more to so many people, those in need, and community service. I have experienced those gifts first hand. Jess, your comments on that particular program and many… Read more »

Kevin F.

I grew up playing hockey on outdoor rinks with my friends. We skated on those brisk mornings when our skates were squeaking on the northern Ontario ice because it was nearly -30C. Hockey is in my blood and you can be sure we’re all real Canadians. Listening to the likes of Jess Allen and her panel spewing hatred for their fellow Canadians is puzzling to me. Not all Canadians are alike, but most of us respect the rights of others who think differently. Or else that used to be the case in Canada, until the outrage culture took hold of… Read more »


If she comes back to the Social I’m gone ! End of story …shame on the producers and shame on all the women on the Social . You cannot make this just go away !


I think it’s funny that my first thought is, when did it become so wrong to be white? Everyone of ALL ethnicity need to respect all ethnicities. Why can’t we all just get along.