#FireJessAllen Is Still Trending In Canada

Patriotic Canadians are not going away, and we won’t stop fighting this disgraceful double-standard.

With Jess Allen of ‘The Social’ doubling-down on her bigoted comments and CTV refusing to fire her, Patriotic Canadians continue to express our outrage at this disgraceful double-standard.

Here’s what I recently wrote about it:

“If there was any doubt, it is now clear that a massive double-standard exists in our country:

Those who stand up for Canadian values and Canadian Patriotism get thrown under the bus and destroyed, while those who denigrate our nation, denigrate our pastimes, and insult what makes Canada strong, get away with it every time.

So, Don Cherry is fired for saying people should wear Poppies, yet Jess Allen is getting away with her disgusting and bigoted remarks.”

And clearly, Canadians aren’t stopping in their demands for Allen to be fired.

In fact, #FireJessAllen is still trending in Canada:

FireJessAllen Hashtag Trending Canada

The fact that the hashtag is still trending days after the controversy broke is clear evidence that Canadians won’t put up with Allen’s comments.

And while CTV is refusing to fire her, keeping the pressure on serves an important purpose. The more Canadians see the hypocritical double-standard that exists (Cherry fired for Patriotism while Allen makes bigoted remarks and keeps her job), the more people are waking up to how truly dangerous and corrupt the establishment media has become.

Spencer Fernando

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