Following Jess Allen’s Bigoted Comments, A Humboldt Broncos Family Has Blacklisted CTV

And yet, CTV still won’t fire Allen.

As a result of Jess Allen’s bigoted comments against hockey players and hockey fans, in which she called them “white boys” who “weren’t very nice,” the family of Humboldt Broncos crash survivor Ryan Straschnitzki is boycotting CTV.

Tom Straschnitzki, Ryan’s father, made the announcement on Twitter:

“Unless CTV does the right thing. The Straz Clan is done with interviews with CTV. If Don Cherry gets fired for saying You People and not calling out race and this tard Called a Race out and still working. We done with CTV. Toby. Do the same. Too bad. The reporters in West Awesome”

“HOW DARE YOU! You do not know my son or the other sons on the Bronco bus. You are spreading assumptions on a National scope based upon YOUR personal experience. Do better CTV! @straz @cjoseph23 @Laurie_13645 @LerayLeicht @CTVNews”

Straschnitzki is 100% right to be boycotting CTV.

It’s an absolute disgrace that Allen was even allowed to make those comments in the first place, and now, CTV has pathetically refused to fire her.

In a statement, they made clear she wouldn’t be fired:

“CTV’s The Social is based on opinion and debate about current issues, and we often hear from viewers who don’t agree with some of the perspectives on the show.

However, Jessica Allen’s comments about hockey have generated an extraordinary response. We’ve been touched by the stories we’ve heard from Canadians everywhere, including families from Humboldt, about what the game means to them. That matters to us.

We would like to apologize to everyone who was offended by the remarks, and let you know your feedback sparked much debate and introspection at The Social and CTV. We won’t restrict our hosts from offering their opinions on an opinion show, but we’ll always listen to viewers when they offer theirs.”

With CTV refusing to do the right thing, it’s up to the rest of us to keep attacking the disgraceful double-standard, and push back against the dangerously divisive and biased establishment media.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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shawn harris

The know it alls like Jess Allen are always eager to display their arrogant and proud knowledge on anything and everything they know nothing about. They are a mirror image of Trudeau, the master of lying hypocritical arrogance, who has set the standard by which Jess allen speaks. CTV not willing to risk losing their bribe money from Trudeau, will do anything to protect the guilty and do as Trudeau does, pretend that it isn’t their fault they have a bigot as an employee, but that is the the fault of someone else, Don Cherry. That caused her to make… Read more »


Welcome to the new Canada; thanks to all the snowflakes out there, no one is allowed an opinion that differs from theirs. God bless the CBC for defending free speech.

Donald O'Kane

I agree boycott CTV, CBC, Globe and Mail and all other mainstream media that have been bought and paid for with our tax dollars. They are all just lieberal propaganda outlets looking at the tax dollars being thrown at them. They are selling out Canada for personal gratification. Keep it up and you will find you have a very small or hopefully NO viewership and possibly have to shut down after the Lieberals lose power which is soon I hope. Saving the solidarity of Canada is paramount to Canadians. Be patriots and stop accepting the financial buyouts. Do what you… Read more »


Does anybody care about this? Am I the only one who does not?


our own Canadian version of THE VIEW … biggggg mouths

Nolan Diamond

Yes Niclal, the worst insult, is being compared to “The View”

Eric Blair

CTV will not fire her but, to save face, they will move her to another show. Either that or the CBC will find a spot for her… maybe on the National. If I am not mistaken wasn’t Jess Allen a stand in for another host who was absent hence her having to make some waves in her shot at the being on the panel.

Patrick Mothersill

I have already stopped watching anything on ANY of the Canadian main stream media channels. They are so biased, it’s sickening. It’s also sad that I have to try and find unbiased news networks in Canada. It’s also sad that I can even find the truth in the news from some U.S. networks. Not only is it sad, it’s disgusting. But I guess it is to be expected when your leader bought and paid for the media. It’s no different then the state owned media in Communist China or North Korea. It’s also treasonous for the media to put money… Read more »

Beverley Campbell

I begin by saying I have never watched this show and never will, shrill voices all talking over each other just continues to turn men off and I don’t like it at all. CTV is certainly showing bias when there is no punishment at all for her criticism of Don Cherry, it was deplorable that he was fired and she wasn’t, nonetheless, I won’t be watching.

alan skelhorne

guess who is behind all of this bs. the so called fake feminist of Canada.


Do you mean the former drama teacher who was having an affair with his student?

David Henley

where are the people that are suppose to monitor the broadcasts. The disgraceful attack on white men is so bias and i wonder how a network has allowed this woman and this program to continue. Backed by the most disgraceful and criminal government. Has anyone ever considered how this government was elected. Anyone consider that this was rigged election. To allow this sort of broadcast to go on air is against our laws. Where is the legal department and support for men. Imagine if she had said black men and the MBA.

Barbara Smith

Jesse Allen should be Fired!, If Don Cherry was fired for what people thought he was talking about, then why isn’t Jesse Allen fired for making racist remarks about white boys.
Whatever happened to freedom of speech.

old white guy

We usually have CTV on in the early morning and the ignorance and lies that they put out as news is disgraceful. They lack balance and anything political, well, I just mute the volume until they are actually telling the truth about a hard news story. Watching anything they put on about Trump seems to come directly from the democrat playbook, yet these fools have zero influence on anything happening in the US.


Get your heads out of the sand people we all know that CTV will not fire Jess Allen because her comments were directed toward white people and not people of color, this type of double standard is what will eventually create a divide in our beautiful country, so CTV you know what you have to do grow a pair and fire her.


A few years ago I did what they call “cut the cable”. I ended my tv watching as it was really starting to disgust me back then and has only gotten worse. I suggest everyone do this, starve the beast as they say. I have internet and can get great sources of information like this site and many others for a better view of the world. It’s hard at first but after a few months I didn’t miss it any more. No more propagandizing me with my own money. Don’t forget to send Spencer a donation as these sites don’t… Read more »