Canada Must Decide: More Trade With Communist China, Or Live Up To Our Values

Decoupling our economy from China before we become too dependent is the path our nation must take.

The increasingly brutal crackdown on Hong Kong protesters by Communist China, combined with China’s increasing aggression and provocation – not to mention their continued arbitrary detention of two Canadian Citizens – is raising difficult questions for Canada.

We now face a clear choice, and that choice is increasingly unavoidable:

Live up to our values, or increase our trade with Communist China.

Because, at this point, we can’t do both.

Even powerful American companies and brands (like the NBA) are discovering that the more you do business with China, the more you are forced to sacrifice your own values to the whims of the Communist Party.

The result is that China is exporting their authoritarian Communist system to the rest of the world, using trade as the cudgel to put other countries into a state of dependence.

And beyond that, we’ve already seen the hollowing out of Canada’s manufacturing sector, in large part because of China’s deceptive trade practices, currency devaluation, and dumping of product in markets across the globe.

Additionally, the majority of fentanyl coming into Canada and causing so much devastation arrives here from Communist China.

So, for all of these reasons, it is essential that we begin to decouple our economy from China.

Some will say that there is too much money to be made in China for us to decouple, and that trade is worth any cost to our values. But if that’s the direction Canada ends up taking, what is even the point of being a country?

If we have no values, no standards, and no willingness to defend what we claim to believe in as Canadians, then how can we hold our heads up high as a nation?

China doesn’t want trading partners, they want vassal states.

Now, some trade with China is certainly acceptable, in areas where China is desperate and thus can’t enforce demands in return. For food and natural resources which China can’t supply on it’s own, Canada loses nothing from trading with China, but when it comes to technology and manufacturing, trade with China puts our own economic and national security at risk.

And even in terms of food and natural resources, we must limit the expansion of trade with China, because relying too much on their market brings it’s own risk.

Thus, the solution is for Canada to impose large tariffs on imports from China in areas such as metals, military technology, and telecommunications (ban Huawei 5G), while putting limits on the exports of Canadian products to China. At the same time, producers should be compensated for losses from decoupling and we should seek out other markets (like India), where we can trade without throwing our values or national security in the trash.

We live in a dangerous world, and being dependent on trade with a nation like China represents far too big a risk to Canada. We must get rid of that risk before it’s too late, and that means we must begin the process of decoupling as soon as possible.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Major Tom

A sign that Canada is a free country would be to distance itself from all Communist and Islamic countries that have a value system that seeks to enslave or destroy us!


Values over trade!!!


“If we have no values, no standards, and no willingness – ” Wow, this is very close to what Trudeau stated years ago. We also know he is simply incapable of handling confrontation and pushback. He is good at playing the part of being a PM, of saying the politically correct words but simply cannot handle the real work and responsibilities. Remember, this is the guy who secretly met with Communist Chinese officials. He then approved the establishment of Communist Chinese Banks and was rewarded with a statue of his male parent and large “donations” to the family Benefit Fund… Read more »

Marjorie Mole

Unfortunately our values have diminished over the last few decades being replaced by corrupt politicians and simply greed. If we have to rely on that I wouldn’t hold your breath.


We do not have a leader of the country that believes that working with communist China is dangerous.China is continualy increasing its influence throughout western world and becoming more bold.One by one western countries are becoming on dependant on Chinas products and selling its resources cheap to China.China has one thing in mind to rule the world and our leaders are facilitating toward China’s goal.Even the blind can see what is happening except our people in power.The election has passed that was based on power not better life or embracing Canadian and western values.


How can we do that with the bought out LIEberal government?
To accomplish anything for Canada, we must have a real Canadian FOR Canada government, that is a first.


What values?


Our government isn’t into protecting its citizens abroad or protecting Canadian companies and citizens at home from China’s spying.
Our federal government speaks of justice but it is only for a few elites.


I shudder every time I see Trudope’s face &/or hear his voice. How stupid can CDN”s be to have given him their votes?


Unfortunately, our own laws discriminates any new manufacturing and is extremely costly and time consuming to follow all those regulations. We currently can’t even pick an apple from a tree as you can be charged with theft. Regulated and put laws in that makes it illegal to feed yourself as everything now has an ownership or is against the law to do.

shawn harris

This is an excellent question, just how much do we as Canadians value our freedom, sovereignty and economic independence. Equal to that question is another, how much of a price are we as Canadians willing to pay in exchange for cheap, foreign, stolen intellectual property, being made with slave and forced labour. And with Trudeau being ever so ready to please and appease China and he never really pushes back against China’s aggression, then the questions become extremely important to answer. It becomes as an equation, the longer Trudeau is in power the more Canada becomes a slave country and… Read more »

Clive Edwards

Perhaps trading with China and Russia will cause Canadians to think about other trading partners who we should be concerned about. It is past time for Canada to stop hiding behind our “big brother”, grow up, and assume the risks of behaving like a sovereign adult in our sometimes dangerous world. Jason Kenney’s trial balloons about Alberta taking back policing, taxation and pensions from the federal government shows Alberta is willing to be a grown up. Not so much for Ottawa.


Not to hard to figure out which way the turdeau will go with this .

old white guy

63% of Canadians would gladly embrace China’s form of government. There are very few of us who possess the “values” that would displace communism from the world. Our PM never saw a dictatorship he did not admire.

David Henley

Canada was warned by Australia several years ago not to do business with China. It is Trudeau’s plan to be just like china. We will all suffer as a result of this Trudeau. He is Canada’s most dangerous man.


What will the trudope do when it comes to china since it says it likes the way the dictatorship gets things done,anyone anyone anyone?


“Canadian Values” LOL! Our governments have been eroding, degrading and admonishing us about what we thought were, “Canadian Values” for years. So much so that we now believe in everything which is just another way of saying we believe we n nothing! What on earth can we now say to a hellhole like China? Not a damned thing. We are done, finished.