Disaster: Seamus O’Regan To Become Natural Resources Minister

O’Regan was considered by many the worst minister in Trudeau’s first term. Moving him to natural resources is a massive slap in the face to the West.

Seamus O’Regan was considered by many people to be the worst minister in Trudeau’s cabinet.

O’Regan was a disaster at Veterans Affairs, at one point even attempting to compare the stress of leaving journalism to the stress faced by soldiers.

O’Regan was also ripped for his performance as Indigenous Affairs minister, widely seen as a failure who simply didn’t understand the file.

So, with Canada’s energy sector under attack from foreign-funded propagandists, and with the natural resources file promising to be one of the most difficult, you would think that Seamus O’Regan would be the very last choice for the Natural Resources job.

But of course, that’s exactly who Trudeau picked.

Reports indicate that O’Regan will become Natural Resources minister in the upcoming cabinet shuffle, and the move is already being panned:

“Seamus Oregan in charge of restoring investor confidence in the energy sector in a Trudeau minority government. 😏😟😭”



The appointment of O’Regan to the Natural Resources file, if confirmed tomorrow, is a disaster for Canada’s energy industry, and will likely further speed up the flow of investment money out of our country.

Spencer Fernando


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