Majority Of Canadians Say Alberta Needs More Help

In every province except for Quebec, the majority says the federal government should give more help to Alberta.

A new survey by Angus Reid shows a clear majority of Canadians saying Alberta needs more help.

According to the poll, 57% of respondents say the federal government should do more to help Alberta. Just 25% want the government to continue the same approach they’ve been taking, while 18% want the government to do less.

The majority of Canadians in every province, including 54% in BC and 63% in Ontario, want Alberta to get more help.

Quebec is the only province where the majority don’t support more help for Alberta, which is quite ironic considering that Quebec benefits the most from Alberta’s money taken through ‘equalization.’

33% of Quebecker’s say Alberta should get more help, while 35% want the government to continue their same approach. 31% want the federal government to do less for Alberta.

This survey shows that the majority of Canadians can recognize that Alberta is being treated unfairly, and that Alberta – a huge economic engine for the rest of Canada – needs help.

Now, the question is whether the Trudeau Liberals will listen to the will of Canadians, or will seek to pander to some of the politicians in Quebec who have been relentlessly belittling and attacking Alberta. Unfortunately, all signs point to the latter so far, which will only deepen the already dangerous level of anger and division in Canada.

Spencer Fernando

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I have just read an article, in the Toronto Sun by Goldstein, that a lot of Albertan s read and commented on, the article supporting Alberta. The Toronto Sun also published an article on the millions of tax dollars being spent on placing french immigrants across Canada that we did not hear about, and it is failing supposedly. This Trudeau government is supporting one province and eastern Canada, so when it divides they can take the whole east with it and control their now French country. This is all supported by the the Obama/Clinton Democrats (LIEberls) Obama and his team… Read more »


Quebec should share their wealth that they receive from their hydro electric income.

Brian Dougan

“More help?” The Turdo Liberals need to start helping…Before they can give more help.

Steve Richards

The Libranos will continue on as they have for the last 4 years. Does anyone out there actually believe they give 2 ….. about the well being of Alberta or Western Canada in general? Would a prime minister who actually cared about anything but himself spend his first two months after a weak election win surfing and trying to save his marriage? It is downhill even farther from here for Alberta and Western Canada and there is only one option left. Yes you guessed it, it is time to go. Think for a moment how great our lives would become… Read more »