Lowe’s Shutting Down 34 Canadian Stores

Closures will start in January.

34 stores owned by Lowe’s are slated to be shut in Canada, starting in January.

26 of those stores are Rona locations.

In a statement, Lowe’s Canada president Tony Cioffi said the following:

“While making decisions that impact our associates and their families is never easy, closing underperforming stores is a necessary step in our plan to ensure the long-term stability and growth of our Canadian business. We are taking decisive action to build a healthy business which will provide us with the flexibility to reinvest in our future growth. This includes having a clear strategy for our banners, built on the strength of our Lowe’s, RONA and Reno-Depot brands.”

The company says some employees will be able to request a transfer to other stores.

As posted by BNN Bloomberg, this is the list of upcoming closures:


-Lowe’s Prince George 2999 Massey Drive. Closing Feb. 19, 2020
-RONA Surrey (Newton) 6965 King George Boulevard. Closing Jan. 31, 2020′
-RONA Osoyoos 6014-51 Street. Closing Jan. 31, 2020


-Lowe’s Calgary – Shawnessy 295 Shawville Boulevard S.E. Closing Feb. 19, 2020
-RONA Airdrie 2649 Main Street South. Closing Jan. 31, 2020
-RONA Calgary (Midnapore) 14815 Bannister Road S.E. Closing Jan. 31, 2020
-RONA St. Albert 730 St. Albert Trail, St. Albert. Closing Jan. 31, 2020
-RONA Sherwood Park 340 Baseline Road, Sherwood Park. Closing Jan. 31, 2020
-RONA Edmonton (Ellerslie Road) 1003 Parsons Road S.W., Edmonton. Closing Jan. 31, 2020


-Lowe’s Regina – North 489 Albert Street North. Closing Feb. 19, 2020


-Lowe’s Etobicoke – North 48 Lowe’s Place. Closing Jan. 31,2020
-Lowe’s Thunder Bay 1000 Fort William Road. Closing Jan. 31, 2020
-Lowe’s Cornwall 950 Brookdale Avenue. Closing Jan. 31, 2020
-RONA Brockville 550 Stewart Boulevard.. Closing Jan. 31, 2020
-Home & Garden RONA – Cambridge 66 Pinebush Road. Jan. 31,2020
-RONA Mississauga (Rockwood 4141 Dixie Road. Closing Jan. 31, 2020
-Reno-Depot Aurora 140 First Commerce Drive. Closing Jan. 31, 2020
-RONA Oshawa 1279 Simcoe Street North. Closing Jan. 31, 2020
-RONA Ajax 19 Notion Road. Closing Jan, 31, 2020


-RONA Granby 316 rue Denison Est.Closing Jan. 31, 2020
-RONA Sorel 1293 chemin des Patriotes. Closing Jan. 31, 2020
-RONA Bécancour 3365 boulevard Bécancour. Closing Jan. 31, Bécancour 2020
-RONA Nicolet 2145 boulevard Louis-Fréchette. Closing Jan.31, 2020
-RONA Saint-Tite 700 rue Notre-Dame. Closing Jan. 31, 2020
-RONA Trois-Rivières 15 rue Philippe-Francoeur. Closing Jan. 31, 2020
-RONA Saint-Félix-de-Valois 3110 rue Henri-L. Chevrette. Closing Jan. 31, 2020
-RONA Carignan 2395 chemin de Chambly. Closing Jan. 31, 2020
-RONA Saint-Lambert 707 rue Saint-Charles. Closing Jan. 31, 2020
-RONA Saint-Sauveur 180 rue Principale. Closing Jan. 31, 2020
-RONA Bellefeuille – 905 boulevard de la Salette. Closing Jan. 31, 2020
-Réno-Dépôt Trois-Rivières 4575 boulevard des Forges. Closing Jan. 31, 2020


-RONA Dartmouth, 500 Windmill Road. Closing Feb. 19, 2020
-RONA Dartmouth, 1000 Cole Harbour Road. Closing Feb.19, 2020
-RONA Bedford 1658 Bedford Place Mall. Closing Feb. 19, 2020″


Spencer Fernando

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Another Trudeau accomplishment. Barbie told us the Climate Tax will be good for the economy and create jobs. The Canadian economy is collapsing, fueled by the most corrupt political party and the most corrupt Government in Canadian history and the Media are worried about offending “you people”. We are losing another source for Canadians to purchase material to help them adapt to a changing climate, partially because the money they need is being scammed by the Greens, Liberals, enviro-fascists and NDP so they can control the climate for the entire world. With the cool weather this winter, I wonder how… Read more »


Lots more out of work, these big companies take a lot of employees and their families down with them as they adjust to their over spending on taking down smaller businesses as they expand.


Lizzie May and Trudeau will quickly retrain all those hundreds of fired employees so the can be welders and cement specialists and electricians and plumbers with SNC.

Lynne Mayotte

You know, once upon a time the person that scouted areas and territories for new stores was vital and the person had to really know what they were doing with a lot of research and experience under their belt. I have met some of these people in recent years with other stores, they are too young, too inexperienced and think they know it all. End result losses everywhere. Look what happened to Target when they did not understand Canada? Perfect example.


Ofcourse most of our stores will collapse because of federal policies.Years ago most of our products were manufactured localy.That gave jobs to local people who could buy products for renovations etc.Now we buy all the junk from China.The government was focused on wining elections on climate change and close all our manufacturing factories.Why do we have buy from China so far away.We live in North America and this is the place where we should be concentrating, Canada, USA, Mexico, Central America, South America.All the money made on these continents remains at home and is spent here in North and South… Read more »

Arie Intveld

Ya, and pretty soon you have to go to state-owned building supply store to buy 4×2 slabs. How long you want them? Quite a while … I am building garage.

old white guy

Good thing liberal policies are really making the Canadian economy grow.

old white guy

did I really need a sarc tag?


Well that sucks!! Lowe’s Cornwall is far better than Home Depot, They have better interior doors, Better deals on tools and lots better savings on deals. Man I feel really letdown about this.