WRONG: Brian Mulroney Attacks Harper Government For Not Getting UN Seat, Wants Canada To Drastically INCREASE Foreign Aid Spending

Mulroney is totally disconnected from the Conservative base and from the views of common-sense Canadians.

Despite the efforts of the establishment media to promote Brian Mulroney as a ‘thought leader’ for the Conservatives, he instead continues to show how disconnected he is from the Canadian Conservative base.

As reported by the National Post, in a recent speech, Mulroney criticized the Harper government for not winning a (worthless) UN seat, and then said that foreign aid spending should be increased:

“Mulroney opened the speech with a criticism of Harper’s Conservative government over getting rejected for a UN Security Council seat in 2010, calling it embarrassing. He said Canada had bid successfully for a Security Council seat six times before the rejection.

“(It) is not, as this embarrassing rejection was characterized by the then-government of Canada, ‘a badge of honour’,” Mulroney said. “Stridency, disruption, and bellicose — but ultimately meaningless — hollow threats are not synonymous with principle and never lead to successful outcomes.”’

Here’s what Mulroney said about foreign aid:

“From there, Mulroney laid out his ideas for rebuilding Canada’s international credibility. He started with a call to drastically increase Canada’s “anemic and embarrassing” foreign aid spending — the exact opposite of what Scheer’s Conservatives promised in the last election campaign, when they proposed to cut foreign aid spending by 25 per cent.”

Of course, Canada’s foreign aid spending is not “anemic and embarrassing.” It’s already far too high, at about $5 billion per year. That’s money being spent in foreign countries, while Canadian Citizens are struggling.

In some parts of northern Canada, there are communities that have the highest per-capita suicide rates on earth. Many Canadian Veterans are homeless. Many seniors are living in poverty. Many Indigenous reserves resemble third-world countries. That’s where that $5 billion should be going.

Simply put, Mulroney is dead wrong on foreign aid.

Mulroney is also wrong on the UN, as the UN has revealed itself to be increasingly corrupt, anti-Semitic, and pathetically ineffective. Winning a security council seat is meaningless, since our interests (almost always) line up with the US, and we are against the interests of China, and the US and China both have a veto which they can use to cancel each other out.

Canada needs to CUT foreign aid spending, not increase it. And we need to strengthen our nation internally, rather than sell out our values for a worthless seat the dysfunctional UN.

Mulroney did get one thing right in his speech, calling for increased defence spending. But Canada simply can’t afford to both increase defence spending and increase foreign aid. We should be focused on building up our military, not giving money to foreign countries.

The establishment media will attempt to push Mulroney’s ideas as a ‘new path’ for the Conservatives, because the establishment media doesn’t want the Conservatives to become a party that actually represents Canada’s national interests.

Yet, the reality is that Mulroney is totally out of step with the Conservative base and common-sense Canadians, who want us to distance ourselves from the UN, cut foreign aid, and focus our efforts here at home.

Spencer Fernando

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Hey Mulroney, are you still using big words you don’t know the meaning of, get back to your nursing home , time for your medication.

Robert Abbott

Mulroney mind your business you are a has been who left behind your own destruction to Canada. Your thoughts on the UN are clearly to benefit your own business ventures. Take care of Canadians needs first and foremost.

GREG inglis

I never considered Mulroney a Conservative . He and Obama should go about their business and keep opinions to themselves .


Of course they want more spending, it is not their money.


Why are all Canadian politicians 3 bricks short of a load and so far out of touch with Canadians


You have an excellent point.

Don Taylor

Canadians aren’t interested in what Mulroney has to say!


Mulroney forgot that he is NO Longer PM of Canada. Next to Trudope, Mulroney is the next HATED PM that Canada has ever had. Canadians would love Mulroney to STOP Meddling into Canadian Politics and Issues. Mulroney is NO Longer Considered to be a Conservative! Before Trudope was elected, Muroney was asked what he thought of Trudope and he replied “What’s there Not to Like”. That statement Proved to Canadians that Mulroney is just another Stupid, Corrupt Liberal! Butt Out, Mulroney. Your time is Over, Thank God! We do NOT want to see you or hear from you again!

Clive Edwards

Of course Mulroney wants us to spend money we don’t have – we can just put it on our American Express Card; after all, a directorship in Amex was his reward for his years of service to the company. The last time Canada did anything useful defence-wise, the Avro Arrow, the Americans took it away from us. Can’t have uppity Canadians being able to defend Canada. Of course, Canada is encourage by whatever nefarious means necessary to “Buy American” and only shoot when an American designates the target. Only in Canada you say? Pity…..

Moe S.

Stephen Harper rightfully determined Canada should have nothing to do with the UN Security Council which is comprised of dictators and warlords. Canadians have no reason to trust ‘lying Brain’ as he was so affectionately called by the majority of Canadians who remember his years as Prime Min. of Canada.

Moe S.

CORRECTION: That was ‘lying Brian’ Mulroney not ‘lying Brain’ Mulroney. lol

alan skelhorne

so the turncoat is still spewing nonsense. I knew a couple of years ago when Trudeau called him to help him with something. I can,t remember what it was, however, I thought the irshman had more brains then to trust king Justin, I guess he was paid off also.

Brian Dougan

Ah yes. Lyin’ Brian Mulroney. I heard him in an interview last year. He said that Trudope was a “friend.” ‘Nuf said. We don’t need “elder statesman” like that opportunist.

Readers hubby

What part of DEFICIT does Mulroney not understand? Canadians are on the hook for the reckless spending courtesy of the Trudeau government and we can’t afford to continue robbing Peter to pay Paul. Canada has many people needing financial help and yet their needs are ignored by the liberals…as they toss our taxpayers dollars around the world, always acting as though there’s an endless supply of money to fix the world’s woes. Canadians need to be taken care of and if there’s money left over, then and only then should it be spent on foreign aid. Any money spent on… Read more »


In my opinion, Mulroney was one of the worst prime ministers elected in this country.


So Brian Malroney does not remember how conservative party was decimated.Or not remembering a book being written ON The Take.What about unity? What about Mitch Lake Accord where the natives were going to be left in the cold.Oh yes somebody wanted to have have a seat on the UN Security Council everything was selfserving.About giving money away come to Vancouver or any big city in Canada and see homeless people on the street.It is pathetic.May be would be better if those has been politicians come out and help homeless by serving them cup of soup,then they will see the reality… Read more »


Canadians don’t need or want the corrupt Mulroney meddling in our politics. He was obnoxious and dealing in underhanded ( or should I say under the table) business dealings when he was prime minister. Trudeau is leaving his own mark of corruption as is and he doesn’t need further encouragement from the likes of Mulroney. We were glad to see Mulroney leave politics and the few years he kept a low profile were a much needed relief from his arrogance and grandstanding. Please lyin’ Brian, go peddle your wares where they may be appreciated…. that’s probably nowhere, so please, just… Read more »


All excellent and true comments.


Didn’t Mulroney get a big payoff from Airbus?

pancake rachel corrie

Mulroney BALONEY

Beverley Campbell

We neither need nor want Mulroney’s opinions which are so detrimental to Canadian Unity, like all “once-was” Politicians, he should go quietly into the sunset, particularly as he is completely out of touch, one of the major reasons that we despise the Leadership that we currently have is Trudeau’s unfortunate habit of handing out millions of dollars to fill that giant hole in his tummy because his father didn’t think much of him, hand it out to Canadians but with financial responsibility for showing exactly where it went, make everyone accountable, including yourself. Also a UN seat is NOT a… Read more »