By Saying “We Don’t Consider China An Adversary,” Sajjan Betrays Canada’s National Interests & Puts Canadians At Risk

With yet another weak and grovelling response to China’s aggression, a clear message is being sent: China can do whatever they want to our nation without facing any consequences.

Trudeau’s defence minister Harjit Sajjan, commenting at a security forum in Halifax, had this to say about Communist China:

“We don’t consider China as an adversary. Some of the things that China from a security perspective have been doing is concerning, and we need to be mindful of that. But it’s only through the appropriate discussions that we are able to get back into a rules-based order.”

Sajjan also said Canada and China have cooperation in “certain aspects of trade.”

In short, Sajjan’s comments are a disgrace, and a betrayal of Canada’s national interests.

Communist China has arbitrarily detained two Canadian Citizens, denied them fair access to a lawyer, kept them in terrible conditions, blocked Canadian exports under laughable pretenses, and threatened Canada repeatedly (with the most recent threat being an effort to stop us from supporting Hong Kong).

In addition to their direct mistreatment of Canada, China has also hurt our nation and our allies for decades. Fentanyl from China is flowing into Canada and the US, causing thousands and thousands of deaths. China’s trade practices contributed to wiping out much of our manufacturing capacity, leaving devastated communities and hollowed out cities in their wake. China is put over 1 million Muslims into concentration camps, and their crackdown on freedom-supporting protesters in Hong Kong has shown how opposed China is to the values we hold here in Canada.

Simply put, China is clearly an adversary to Canada, and it’s delusional to think otherwise.

Port Coquitlam Mayor Brad West put it well:

“❌ 2 🇨🇦s held hostage, tortured.
❌ Ban on certain 🇨🇦 imports.
❌ 1 million plus Uyghurs interned.
❌ Hong Kong under attack.
❌ Advancing totalitarianism.

What do you have to do for our government to consider you an adversary?”

And that’s why Sajjan’s comments are not only a betrayal of our national interests, but also put Canadians at further risk.

China will certainly be aware of what Sajjan has said, and they must be laughing at the pathetic weakness of the Canadian government. China is realizing that they can do literally anything they want to our country, and we’ll just roll over and take it. Ruthless government’s like China can sense that weakness, and they’ll keep on using Canada as their punching bag in an attempt to intimidate the broader Western world.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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R Welgush

There is a name for someone or group that betray your country


Great list, don’t forget the money laundering along with the drugs that were spread across the country and the real estate spike that has out priced B.C. inhabitants out of purchasing property. The unfortunate thing is I am not surprised and predicted this. Remember when the liberals were warned not to let Anbang Insurance Group buy the senior living homes in B.C. because they has shady dealings? Then the government of China, seized the company and is now the owner of the largest seniors home in B.C? This is another really loud warning that this government is not working for… Read more »

pancake rachel corrie

the government controls all of canada now and on top of all that we continue to fund them


Sajjan has no brains even when he was in India he said something so stupid.He is not in for Canada its all about himself.Only recently he parked his truck in front of a shop in Okanagan eating his cherries and spiting them through the window until the owner of the shop came out and told him where to go.This man has no class or shame,but do not worry he will appologise to Trudeau and everything will be ok.One can only feel sorry for him.Thank God we have other people in the government that will pick up his slack.


More disgraceful conduct from this pretend government. Shame on them!


What planet is our Defence Minister on?
Too bad Brad West the Mayor of Port Coquitlam doesn’t hold that office!


Well first of all, this is the government that adores China’s way of governing. Trudeau et al are well on there way to destroy democracy in Canada and forcing a dictatorship on the eastern part of Canada ( which they long for) Second it is obvious what he is doing. Otherwise why would he keep this lying piece of cr&p as defence minister? This man if you want to call it that has pushed morel among Canada’s military to a new low. Besides the out right lies he has gone out of his way to cut spending to record lows… Read more »

Major Tom

The Minister of National Defence is saying one of two things…..A. Canada is Communist….or B. He does not recognize the threat!

old white guy

He might as well put the white flag out because we are not capable of doing anything about China no matter what China does. We are an impotent little state with a military that would be unable to stand up against even one division of China’s best. A country that thinks diversity of all sorts is necessary is not a country.

Al Dingman

First of all, why is this phony clown still in charge of our armed forces.??

Secondly, I’ve dealt with China on a commercial level. The Chinese cannot be trusted, they lie right to your face, steal your trade secrets, and ship you crap products without any remorse. I do not trust the Chinese nor do I do business with them anymore. The Chinese are not your allies!!!!


Our politicians really stink at trying to be businessmen.


Of course, these libtard-funded journalists aren’t least bit concerned about China’s aggression against Canada & Canadians but rather direct attention to the GENDER makeup of the committee. How much more STUPID & MEANINGLESS can it get?? Yes questions did come forth about China – puffball questions.


This is all too correct, unfortunately, thanks to Spencer it is now again in the media, but until we get an actual Canadian government these UN run puppets in this against Canada ?government we are doomed, English Canada will go down.

Clive Edwards

Some people still don’t get it: sovereign people are capable of making their own assessments of their relationships. Whether a transgression is worth destroying a relationship for comes with maturity. Chinese/Canadian relations didn’t start with Trudeau or his dad. It is something we inherited from Britain and American relationships with China in the early eighteen hundreds. Perhaps you are too young to remember the “Opium Wars” and the “Boxer Rebellion”. It is ironic that Britain and the US used military means to force opium upon the Chinese at this time and perhaps the fentanyl is the payback. And what about… Read more »


So fentanyl is a pay back.I wander where is your loyalty ,obviously leaning to the left.Bringing fentanyl to distable the country is an act of war.We don’t live the time of the Alexander the great.What was done was done and we learned our lesson not to do it again.Obviously your China still lives in the stone age.

Moe S.

If you haven’t already read David Icke’s book “The Trigger” in which he talks about “The American Century” you should. Your remarks are partially correct, however, the people pulling the strings behind The American Century are not who you think.


Who on Earth would be old enough to remember either the Opium Wars or the Boxer Rebellion? What a ridiculous comment to make, the last Opium War ended in 1861, the Boxer Rebellion Was in 1900, both were a century ago and at least two revolutions in the past. So what about all of the help the U.S and Britain gave to China during the second world war? Who do you think was bombing Japanese war plants, and destroying Japanese Navy ships so they could continue their campaign of conquest. As for the oil pipelines, the U.S government isn’t blocking… Read more »


Incompetent fools. Useful idiots all of them.


China only has one interest total world domination and the only thing stopping or at least slowing them is Donald Trump.

William Jones

Why not cut to the chase? As far as Canada and China and the idea that our government has put Canada at risk, please tell me what is truly new? This government, since its inception, has at every opportunity placed Canadians at risk, from our idiotic immigration policies to our financial policies and our policies with respect to our veterans and our homeless. One could go on, but why bother? If there is one Canadian alive that cannot, or has not noticed this, they are in dire need of professional help. This traitor is even above his father’s disdain for… Read more »