Scheer Under Siege From All Sides

It’s looking increasingly bleak for the Conservative leader.

Andrew Scheer remains the leader of the Conservative party, but his hold on that position is looking increasingly tenuous.

In the wake of a campaign in which the Conservatives held the Liberals to a minority government but lost ground in vote-rich Ontario, many socially moderate Conservatives (including some senators and MPs), heavily criticized Scheer for being unable to give answers on social issues (particularly same-sex marriage) that would reassure key voters the Conservatives needed to win.

Now, Scheer is being slammed by social conservatives, as another wing of the Conservative party appears to be souring on him.

According to a Globe & Mail report (paywalled), stalwart pro-life Conservative Brad Trost, the Campaign Life Coalition, and Charles McVety, a prominent evangelical Christian, are all saying the Conservatives need someone other than Scheer at the helm.

Additionally, the report indicates that ‘Right Now,’ a pro-life group is not taking a side either way on Scheer’s leadership at the present moment.

This is very bad news for Scheer.

To stay in power, he needs a base somewhere in the party. He doesn’t have social moderates. And it appears he may be losing social conservatives. If that happens, he doesn’t have much left.

A big problem is that Scheer is viewed by many as a weak leader, and that means he has difficulty uniting the various factions in the Conservative party. Many also doubt whether Scheer can win, considering he couldn’t defeat Trudeau even in a campaign in which the blackface controversy had put Trudeau and the Liberals in serious electoral danger.

The trend line for Scheer isn’t looking good. He’s losing support, criticism is piling up, and with people across the Conservative political spectrum slamming his leadership, he is a leader under siege.

Spencer Fernando

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Don Taylor

Scheer has no Charisma he comes across as very dull

Joseph Scully

Former New Brunswick Premier, Frank McKenna would be perfect for the job.


The Conservative party has become too corrupt. They no longer represent true conservatives.


This is not personal because Andrew Scheer is a very good and decent man. However, he’s got to go as leader. If he couldn’t defeat JT this year, he never will.

And we do NOT need another social liberal. All the other parties are pro abortion, pro assisted suicide and believe the climate change cult. If the next leader supports these things and is liberal lite I am OUT and will not vote.

CPC Supporter

Canadian Citizens need some type of consistency. Scheer as the CPC leader provides that.

I’d guess we’ll have a new Federal Election relatively soon.

How about we stand behind Scheer and support him instead of trying to undermine him?

This is infighting and ultimately negative for the party.


What other leader was asked repeatedly about his beliefs on gay marriage and abortion or walking in the Pride parades, ignored even when he had been talking about the huge debt in Canada and how to fix the so called “environment emergencies” without this job destroying ever rising carbon tax. He was set up, and if he is replaced the lieberals/NDP/Greens party will continue to lie about him and the Conservatives with their paid media, and paid unions, and Obama’s teams support etc.. Scheer is too Canadian polite and knows how to add and subtract and he is not a… Read more »


I admit, I do not envy the position Andrew is in now.
Nice guys finish last. Honesty is now a thing of the past.


people have trouble with integrity..this is where this despicable society is at …..

Brian Dougan

Too bad; so sad. Too bad for us. As we know; the Conservative leadership crowned him over Maxime Bernier. Scheer’s a weak leader; that wasn’t obvious? I guess not. The Beatle’s song “Nowhere Man” suits him. There were two or three other candidates who stood out….I guess the delegates that voted for him prefer failure. In any case; they did us–and most of Canada–a huge disservice. We didn’t need a “nice guy.” Was it really the Quebec Dairy Lobby that eventually pushed Scheer over the finish line? A few Quebec fleas controlling the dog. Sigh.

Clive Edwards

Bernier and his platform might have pulled it off. Coulda Woulda Shoulda. Thank God Bernier doesn’t surf or ride Sea-doos.

old white guy

Scheer was a disappointment and continues to be so. Liberal lite is not being conservative. When the party finally choses a real conservative and embraces real conservative policies maybe they will get close to 35% of the vote and form a majority, yes I said 35% would give them a majority, that is how things work in Canada.


my vote for the cpc party was a vote against trudeau. it was not a vote for the cpc. Scheer did not give me any reason to vote for the cpc party. He is truly a lieberal lite leader. I wanted a conservative leader who talked conservative points, who attacked lieberal policies. He failed on both counts.

David Henley

What do you expect from a guy who lies and took the leadership by making deals with the Quebec cartels. Had no plan just wanted a default win because everyone disliked Trudeau. PPC suffered as a result of his attacks and the CBC attacks. He is weak but also not a conservative. The centralist movement is just a weak liberal party.Had no conservative plans. The elites have won again…


Between the lieberal media and the progressive Conservatives that should be in the Lieberal party, not the Conservatives, Andrew Scheer who would make a much better PM than Trudeau even still, does not stand a chance.
It is so sad that the Communist take down of Canada is in full swing and Canadians can not see?? what is happening around the world. I really hope the West saves itself, the east is a foreign border-less mess thanks to Obama and friends with our Laurentian elites and their one world order radical programs.

Dave French

IMO: Andrew SCHEER, Conservative Leader…must present;
> Stronger character-appeal, visual appearance,
> Stronger image-persona-personality, and become a
> Stronger speaker & project his voice when speaking.
SCHEER has the political experience & background, but he must
strengthen the above, or else the PCs should replace Scheer with
someone who has the above strengths along with the political experience
& background, otherwise the PCs will be defeated.

Ronald Condly

That Scheer spent money, time and effort to subvert the PPC (a potential conservative ally if a minority government needed to be formed) is telling about Scheer’s priorities and the use of Kinsella as the blade is breathtaking in its irony. This underhanded slimy real politic move reveals the timidity of the man himself. No attack in public, just a blade in the back of an unsuspecting adversary. Marcus Junius Brutus could learn a trick or two from Andy. Truth, duty, conservative values abandoned in favor of a blade to the back of a potential ally. Scheer is not a… Read more »

Clive Edwards

It seems Scheer was selected in order to throw the election at Turdo’s feet.