WATCH: Toronto City Council Has ZERO Clue How Legal Guns Are Acquired, Yet Votes For National Gun Ban Anyway

Incompetence and ignorance on display.

Toronto City Council voted for a ban on legal firearms.

But it turns out Toronto City Council doesn’t know how legal guns are acquired.

During a recent council meeting, councillors and ‘experts’ were asked how someone can acquire a legal gun in Toronto.

You would think that someone should know that if they are banning something, right?

Well, that doesn’t seem to be the case, as you can see in the video below:

“WATCH: Toronto City Council, staff, experts, not one person had any idea what’s involved in acquiring a legal gun but they voted to ban them. You can see @TWilsonOttawa and Alison of the @InfoCSAAA raise their hand to help. They just voted on something they know nothing about.”

This is ignorant virtue-signalling on display.

Toronto has a serious gang crime problem, but instead of addressing that issue – which would require some actual toughness and leadership, Toronto City Council has decided to go the virtue-signalling route, passing a ‘ban’ on something they don’t understand at all.

“Here we have elected officials who have no concept on the existing firearm laws in Canada. Important piece to making informed decisions on public safety #clueless #Embarrassing”

That’s the kind of thinking we see in the Trudeau government as well and in many failing municipal governments. So-called ‘leaders’ who think that a slogan or empty gesture can somehow replace dealing with actual problems.

Meanwhile, law-abiding Canadian gun owners, who are NOT the source of the gun crime problem, keep getting demonized by politicians who should know better.

No wonder this country is in such big trouble.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Hand guns are already restricted. Gun violence a result of hand guns that are already restricted so banning all guns helps HOW. One gets tired of political incompetence.


The strikes the protests the vote. All of “those people” are now playing follow the leader, for adults.
I expect the majority of people have no idea why they are doing any of these things, they just don’t want to be left out or called out.



old white guy

The last time I checked the city council in Toronto does not run Canada.


I am happy that at least some competent police chiefs at their meeting know this is wrong, as they said in a statement, the guns needing to be banned are already banned they are illegal already and there are laws in place if found or used by people in Canada all hat really needs to be done is enforce the already existing laws and be checking the borders where they get brought into the country and really charge the people caught with them. Toronto and the GTHA have become an embarrassment for Ontario and Canada people here are starting to… Read more »


They should just vote to make murder illegal and then no one in Toronto would be confused.

Colin Heddle


Dennis Gallant

All councilors NEED to be FIRED by the people. As our “so called” federal gov. Banning NON-CRIMINAL citizens from “protecting themselves” from CRIMINALS WITH GUNS is LOOKING FOR TROUBLE. Do you truly believe that these councilors DON’T already know that criminals used ILLEGAL GUNS. Of course they do. Just more control for the gov. And LESS RIGHTS for the citizens. Canada NEEDS a civil war to remove these criminal politicians because VOTING IS RIGGED. No one I know voted lib or PC. As myself, they voted PPC and GOT SCREWED by Turdeaus PENCILS to vote with??? ( Major RED FLAG)… Read more »


Sadly, this is the condition of so many of our government policy makers – incredible ignorance and no one in their midst to call them on their stupidity.