Lisa Raitt Says She Disagrees With Growing Criticism That Scheer “Wasn’t Strong Enough”

“He’s a nice guy, he’s a kind man, he’s a gentleman,” says Raitt.

Former Conservative MP & Deputy Conservative Leader Lisa Raitt is defending the besieged Andrew Scheer.

Speaking at the University of Toronto, Raitt noted that there is growing criticism within the party that Scheer “wasn’t strong enough,” but said she disagreed.

“The theme is the same regardless of whether you are an economic conservative, a social conservative or a libertarian, and this is it: that he wasn’t strong enough,” said Raitt. She also said the idea that Scheer is too weak is “not a fair assessment of him.”

“He’s a nice guy, he’s a kind man, he’s a gentleman,” she said. “He’s soft-spoken. And he tries to do what’s right in his world. And as a result of not being the ‘strong man,’ he’s being punished.”

Raitt also noted the criticism Scheer is facing from social conservatives:

“Social conservatives want a strong leader, and they want a strong leader to carry their social conservative views to Ottawa and have the strength to bring forward motions that are sympathetic and move forward the agenda of the social conservatives,” she said. “Andrew wasn’t going to do that.”

Raitt’s comments are somewhat supportive of Scheer, but will also feed into the idea that he is too weak, if only by bringing further attention to that line of criticism.

Scheer is also now facing a more organized opposition within the party, with a new group called ‘Conservative Victory’ led by former Harper Director of Communications Kory Teneycke, Ontario Proud/Canada Proud founder Jeff Ballingall, and former Conservative MP/Chairman of Harper’s 2006 campaign John Reynolds all pushing for Scheer to step aside.

Spencer Fernando

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alan skelhorne

i wonder who is behind this bs. really, leave the guy alone, why don,t they leave the guy alone, these three should beattacking Trudeau, for the way he set Toronto up to be liberals. you don,t have to be a rocket scientist too see how Trudeau rigged the election. I still don,t think he won it, he rigged it.


An attack needs a leader. Some of the good prospects for a new leader have been shoved to the back.


The bottom line here is : With ALL of Trudeau’s MANY faults, waste, scandals and outright lies to the Canadian people ? It WAS Scheer’s election to lose. And he DID. It didn’t help that Trudeau was ALLOWED, by our weak laws on such things, to ‘ financially prop up’ the media to the tune of $600 + MILLION dollars, but only to those he ‘trusts’ Literally buying their support, in no uncertain terms…Who could have foreseen the truly grave mistake Canada made 4 years ago in electing Trudeau to begin with, and then – some of you ! –… Read more »

Claudine Prosper

I think Scheer would have done so much better if the media had given him equal time as the Liberals.


She defiantly could have rephrased what and how she said that. I agree. It is a conundrum. I have the sense that the factions that are against Scheer are larger than we see. It is not that he is not strong enough. I say he has bad handlers, with media that will not promote anything positive he has said or done. He needed to speak about his plans, loudly and often. (but no crying on instagram) Look at Trudeau he not a strong personality by any means. He is narcissistic with a bad drama background that somehow maked people fall… Read more »


Let’s face it. There is no liberal party!! There is a trudeau party, which dictates unless you subscribe to the Trudeau ideology which has created special rules for LGBT persons, Islamic people and others. These groups cannot be criticized, should anyone dare do so, you may see the full force of the law come down on you.

As I said, there is no Liberal party anymore, we have a Trudeau dictatorship, woe to those who want oppose him


Nice guys finish last. Sometimes to be a leader or a boss, you have to be an ass, a jerk, be offensive, be aggressive, bluster, show strength. A person that tries to be everyone’s friend, buddy, pal – gets no respect or obedience or a following. Should this continue, the Cons will disappear and Canada will collapse under Liberal tyranny.

BREXIT or some form of self control in the West.


scheer wasn’t & isn’t strong enough. i.e. pandering to that imam that endorses wife beating. – I just watched him on cpac, he’s not going anywhere. Ego before party & or Country.