“You Win When People Who Formerly Voted Against You, Vote For You”: Laureen Harper Pushes Back Against Criticism Of Leona Alleslev As Deputy Conservative Leader

Scheer appointed Alleslev – a former Liberal MP – as Deputy Conservative Leader today.

Andrew Scheer has been facing some criticism online following his decision to appoint Leona Alleslev – a former Liberal MP who crossed the floor in the last Parliament – as Conservative Deputy Leader.

In a series of Tweets, Rachel Curran, former Director of Policy for Stephen Harper, made clear she disagreed with the appointment:

“Great choice, particularly given her long history of involvement in the CPC and her commitment to conservative principles. I especially appreciated her strong support for PM Harper.”

“Well, she contributed to defeating our CPC gov’t, slandered Stephen Harper, voted for 3 awful Liberal budgets and defeated a solid CPC MP by promoting Justin Trudeau. But sure, other than that.

I am genuinely glad she’s seen the light!”

“I hope you’re right. She would not have been my first pick for Deputy Leader of the CPC, but I look forward to hearing strong, conservative positions articulated by her.”

Conservative Senator Denise Batters then weighed in in defense of Alleslev:

“Our party succeeds when we can attract competent, blue Liberals to support us!”

Then, Laureen Harper made clear that she wants Alleslev included in the Conservative Party:

“A political party is not an exclusive club designed to keep people out. You win when people who formerly voted against you, vote for you. And to me that means everyone, including @LeonaAlleslev.”

Harper makes an important point. The Conservatives will need to convince more people – particularly in Ontario – to switch from the Liberals to the Conservative side. Additionally, Alleslev has proven herself to be a Patriotic Canadian with her service as an Officer in the Air Force, and is an Ontario MP in a region where the Conservatives will need to make gains next Election.

The Conservatives need more support to win, and that means reaching out to people who currently support other parties. If they can’t do that, they won’t be able to win next time.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube