Trudeau Says He’s Making “Significant Investments In Our Fighter Jets.” In Reality, He’s Replacing Old F-18s With Australia’s Discarded Old F-18s

He clearly doesn’t care a bit about defending Canada.

During his press conference with US President Donald Trump, the same one in which he falsely claimed he was boosting defense spending (in reality the Liberals just changed how defense spending is calculated), Justin Trudeau made another false claim.

He said that he was making “significant investments in our fighter jets.”

Perhaps he has a different view of ‘significant investments’ than the rest of us.

Because, rather than investing in Canada’s fighter jets, Trudeau is in fact replacing Canada’s old F-18s with Australia’s discarded old F-18s.

Australia is getting 5th generation advanced F-35 fighter, and they don’t need their nearly 40-year-old F-18s anymore.

So they needed to find a country with leaders who were dumb enough to buy them.

And lo and behold, Justin Trudeau snapped them up.

As noted by the National Interest, the jets aren’t good:

“But similarities between the Australian and Canadian Hornets could be part of the problem. Canada’s CF-18s date back to the early 1980s, while Australia’s were built in the mid-1980s. Both nations have upgraded these aircraft over the years. But the difference between them is not “new” and “old,” but “old” and “older.”’

They also mention Canada’s broken procurement process:

“The new fighter is supposed to be fielded by 2025, though skeptics could be forgiven their doubts. In the meantime, the Royal Canadian Air Force will carry on with old Cold War F/A-18s—theirs and Australia’s.”

Buying used fighter jets that are almost on the scrap heap to replace used fighter jets that are almost on the scrap heap isn’t a ‘significant’ investment. It’s doing literally the least amount possible, and it puts both our pilots and our nation at risk.

With his repeated deceptions on the issue of defense spending, Trudeau shows that he doesn’t care a bit about keeping Canada safe.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter