Trudeau’s Claim To Be Boosting Defense Spending Is Based On Deception

Instead of actually strengthening our armed forces, the Liberals changed the way defense spending is calculated.

During a press conference today with U.S. President Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau claimed that he was boosting defense spending by 70% (by the time 2026 rolls around), and said defense spending was up from about 1% of GDP to closer to 1.4%.

Here’s the thing:

Trudeau’s claims are based on deception and manipulative numbers.

Consider this from respected reporter Mercedes Stephenson, who often reports on defense issues:

“Part of how Canada has increased % of GDP on defence spending is by including $ that didn’t used to be considered “defence spending” including: pensions (and a $1.8 billion pension adjustment), some veterans benefits (including death benefits for veterans’ family members) 1/2″

“also counts CSE spending, RCMP deployments overseas and the Afghan National Army Trust Fund. #CAF #cdnpoli 2/2”

So, things that have never before been part of our defense spending calculations – and shouldn’t be – are now being included, just so the government can claim a bigger number.

This is both insulting and dangerous.

It’s insulting to the Canadian People and to our allies, as the Trudeau government clearly thinks we are all fools who will fall for their little accounting game.

And it’s dangerous, because it makes it look like Canada is strengthening our defenses when we actually aren’t. It could create a false sense of complacency, and if the accounting isn’t fixed by the next government, our entire nation could have a skewed view of how strong (or weak in this case) our armed forces are.

We see yet again that the Liberals have no interest in keeping our country strong and secure, and are willing to play BS political games with the future of our nation.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter