Trudeau Government Leaves $8 Billion In Defence Money Unspent, Then Blames Harper Government

How can Harper be responsible for the Trudeau government not spending money on defence between 2017 – 2019?

As Justin Trudeau lies to the world and claims that he’s boosting defence spending, more evidence has emerged destroying his claims.

As reported by Global News, “Ottawa has failed to spend almost $8 billion in promised defence cash over the last two complete fiscal years.

According to documents obtained from the Department of National Defence, the federal government underspent roughly $7.79 billion worth of promised money mostly for capital projects, which includes everything from spending on facilities to equipment and military procurement, in fiscal 2017-18 and 2018-19.

The unspent money also came from areas including operations and maintenance, those documents dated from February 2019 suggest.”

Amazingly, Trudeau tried blaming the Harper government:

“One of the things that Canadians know is that we need to be spending money properly on the men and women of the armed forces and procurement processes have been significantly damaged by the previous government and we got them into a much better place.”

Even for a Trudeau statement, that is amazingly hypocritical.

Trudeau’s claims to be boosting defense spending are lies, since the Liberals simply changed the way the spending is calculated and included things that were never previously included to make the number look bigger.

Second, considering that the Liberals took office in 2015, and the under-spending has happened between 2017 and 2019, there is simply no way to blame the previous government. Once again, Trudeau’s seemingly pathological aversion to taking responsibility rears its ugly head, and he falls back on his old tactic of blaming Harper.

This massive under-spending means Canada’s armed forces are even weaker and more underfunded than we thought, which is a deeply disturbing reality considering how dire things are already.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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All these lieberal lies with their lefty bought out media reporting and foreign UN etc support, with fake climate emergencies propaganda, gender neutering? etc. is what they were elected on, same things are against Pres. Trump, ( just like our PM Harper) even in our lefty bought out Canadian media. PM Harper and Conservatives have common sense and people who are independent thinkers vote to keep Canada together prospering safe and protected. While the brainwashed to UN lieberal puppet propaganda, believe in utopia lies -but we are all dead in 12 years?, un-freebies, huge taxes and bigger debt for our… Read more »


Well said Nancy.

old white guy

There is no money and spending it on paper pushing military bureaucrats is not real defence spending. Guns, ammo, tanks, planes, etc is military spending, base supply as a military expense does not put a warrior in the field. Generals in Ottawa going to hockey games is not defence spending. Call me when we have secured the Northwest passage. Russia or China will secure it before any stupid Canadian does.

Gerri Page

He talks with Trump like he knows what he is talking about and sounds realistic in what he plans to do and create jobs, but behind Trump’s back he mocks him and shows he is – unqualified for the PM job. He hates the military and could care less. Alberta has lost over 6 thousand jobs because of him. He blames Harper when things go wrong instead of himself and his credo is lie as much as you can. What a disgrace but at least Nation leaders know he is a dumb dumb and embarrasses himself.


You have to wonder if that 8 billion dollars set aside for defense, and NOT spent, will get moved to another portfolio and be spent on illegal migrants, refugees, immigrants, etc. ?


Trudeau is incapable of accepting responsibility for any of his failures. Citizens around the world have witnessed his repeated lies yet Trudeau continues to try to lie his way out of difficult situations. Situations that he has created.
Reality is apparently something Trudeau experiences differently than the rest of us. It’s time his handlers open a dictionary and read the meanings of the two words, TRUTH and REALITY to him.
Trudeau is an endless source of despair for many Canadians. He’s still not ready …on many, many levels.

james isnor

Just more proof that the PMO is a sneaky, two faced blackface. You people who voted for him should do some soul searching Big Time


He is never going to change. Why spoil the soup since it has beeen boiling nicely and untouched for 4 yrs.