WATCH: Trump Calls Trudeau “Two-Faced”

Remarks by US President come after Trudeau was viewed on camera apparently laughing at Trump.

Donald Trump ripped Justin Trudeau as “two-faced,” following Trudeau being caught on video laughing about a Trump press conference.

As I noted yesterday, “There’s been a repeated pattern with Justin Trudeau, where he talks tough about Trump when Trump isn’t around, but when he actually sees Trump in person Trudeau all of a sudden appears a bit jumpy, nervous, and seeks to placate Trump.”

In front of Trump, Trudeau was placating and seemingly even desperate to give answers that would please Trump. But when Trump wasn’t around, Trudeau acted differently, laughing about Trump behind the scenes when the thought the cameras weren’t on.

Trump has now clearly seen the video, and here’s what he said:

Following Trump’s comments, others have pointed out that Trudeau may have more than two-faces:

“AN IDIOT ABROAD: After Trudeau spent the day being grilled for his lack of knowledge on our NATO commitments, before inexplicably torpedoing relations with our closest ally, it’s more proof that this is far too serious a time for an unserious PM. Read:

The problem with all of this is that in his remarks with Trump yesterday, Trudeau lied about how much Canada spends on defense. He claimed it was 1.4% of GDP, when it’s actually 1.27%. And even that 1.27% figure is based on fake government numbers, as the Liberals just added in things that weren’t previously considered part of defense spending.

So now, Canada remains a nation with a shockingly weak military, no real ability to defend ourselves, we’re projecting weakness to China and Russia (who are rapidly building up their forces in the arctic), and our closest and most powerful ally increasingly views us a freeloader nation led by a ‘two-faced’ PM.


Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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This is simply childish behaviour by our PM and am deeply shamed by him.

Major Tom

Historically, cowards tremble in the face of real men…….

Ralph Knapp

Trudeau and Macron reminded me of two backbiting little old ladies, hanging over the back fence, gossiping, in French, about the, English only, next door neighbor. “Diplomacy” at its finest, eh?

old white guy

Trudeau is not intelligent enough to clean toilets yet here his is the PM of Canada, what does that tell you about Canadians?


“What goes around comes around”.

Gerri Page

We have a fool for a PM totally unqualified to be one who lacks knowledge of politics and fumbles his way through. He has embarrassed Canada and himself in the eyes of the world other than the pockets he fills to other countries while ignoring us expect Quebec. Are so many people that stupid that they would vote him back in when he is bringing Canada down to its knees?


I honestly do not think we have seen all of Justins faces, as of yet.


Trudeau, No brains, No class and, No integrity! A disgrace to Canada. Trudeau and Macron two French cowards! Two shameful leaders!
Love that Trump says it like he sees it! Too bad Canada doesn’t have one just like him!