Donald Trump Jr. Tweets Photo Of Trudeau In Blackface

Canada’s joke status on the world stage gets worse thanks to Trudeau.

Justin Trudeau’s blackface debacle is back in the news.

Following Trudeau being slammed by Donald Trump as ‘two-faced’ after being placating in front of Trump and then laughing at him behind the scenes, Donald Trump Jr. has now weighed in.

Trump Jr. Tweeted a photo of Trump in blackface.

“As usual @realDonaldTrump is 100% right!!! Trump calls Trudeau ‘two-faced’ see evidence below.”

Trudeau is getting lots of attention in US politics lately, with Joe Biden using Trudeau’s recent ‘hot mic’ remarks in an anti-Trump attack ad:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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I wonder if Justin will cut back the funding on CBC? After all they recorded this.

It’s just me, but I think Trump should have tweeted both of the photos of Justin in blackface.
Maybe he will send out the other one at a later date?


Creepy Joe Biden, also printed in the right American news “creepy Joe” would support Trudeau, they are the same type of people, mentally deficient lefties, and also corrupt.

old white guy

I have vested interests and family in both countries, what a fu-king embarrassment Trudeau is, in fact, most Canadians are an embarrassment with their socialist P/C pandering.

Clive Edwards

Reminds me of that old movie, “The Many Faces of Turdo”, er, “Eve”. Of course, he could be trying out his undercover disguise for infiltrating the NDP.