“Don’t Blame PM, It’s About Time World Leaders Made Fun Of Trump,” Says Debate Moderator Susan Delacourt

Canada’s political and media elites fall in line behind Justin once again.

One thing we’ve seen over and over again is that no matter what Justin Trudeau does, the political and media establishment fall in line behind him.

And we’re seeing it once again, as Susan Delacourt – who moderated the English language federal leaders debate – is taking Trudeau’s side.

As you can see in the screenshot below, Delacourt’s article is titled “Don’t blame PM. It’s about time world leaders made fun of Trump.”

“The Toronto Star receives $115,000/week from Trudeau. So they’ve decided it’s really funny to personally insult our chief ally, trading partner and only hope for getting our hostages out of China. Sounds more like a student newspaper than any serious publication. #JustinJournos”


Nevermind the fact that Trudeau has been criticized by both Andrew Scheer and Jagmeet Singh for the remarks caught on microphone, Delacourt is pushing the message that we should somehow keep insulting the leader of our closest ally.


Also, this makes it even more disturbing that Delacourt moderated the federal leaders debate, and only feeds into the obvious perception and reality that there is massive pro-Liberal media bias skewing the politics of our country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Peter Black

Our media has been bought – lock stock and barrel. Communism is right here right now.

Gerri Page

When JT is gone there will be a house cleaning of all the garbage he left behind.


What amuses abt the trudeau media reporters is that Trudeau flat out said that he does not read the newspapers nor listen to media but if anything happens they (media/reporters) will let him know. Isnt that funny, the man they adore and will do anything for him write glowing stories of him and rant and rave and lie for him on tv, Trudeau ignores them all. Remember when Trudeau became the leader of liberals and the reporters were in their best attire all waiting to ask him questions and how he slipped through the backdoor ignoring them? Still, it hasn’t… Read more »

Donald O'Kane

“Don’t Blame the PM”, who the hell does she think she is? That is not how a statesman should be acting! She is an idiot and just as bad as Trudeau! I believe Trudeau should be raked over the coals for this and Delacourt should be as well. This is unacceptable behavior of Trudeau! I hope a non-confidence vote is done today in Parliamentand the Liberals and their ignorant leader are thrown out of politics in Canada. Trudeau disgusts me and I am embarrased to say I am a Canadian. Before the Liberals took power in Canada 4 years ago… Read more »


I agree. Trudope is a ridiculous fool and has no place in Canadian politics. Our international reputation is at stake here
. And what’s he done for Canada anyway? Brought in too many foreigners we do no approve of and put us even deeper in debt with his foolish spending. And broken how many laws? Oh no, we may not mention that. Lord help us all for the next 4 years.


MSM is sick. I am glad Trump tweeted the blackface photo again.


Canada has never been in more danger than we are right now under Trudeau. Between ‘open borders’ and unlimited illegal migrants flooding over them – costing us hundreds of millions of dollars to support them – to our BIASED paid off MSM backing everything that Trudeau does ?!!! To the very questionable outcome of our latest Federal election, before which Trudeau changed the citizenship requirements and election rules to suit HIM and stack the deck in HIS favour ?!
We are NO longer living in a true democracy.
Rather, the exact opposite of it.

old white guy

The real danger started with the idiots father who was an idiot who somehow managed to convince people he was intelligent. He was not. He was of course smarter than the average Canadian, that is a sad commentary on the intellect of the average Canadian.


Hopefully, the Bloc will use their influence to stop this mass immigration of unskilled third-worlders. We can send money to help in THEIR countries, and audit that money to ensure no corruption.

Is that so hard ?


I would not trust Jagmeet as far as I could throw him.He is prime ministers buddy and when the chips are down.He would put all his support behind the prime minister.

old white guy

Imports are dangerous even if born here because they have no loyalty except to the political machine or their home countries.


Puppet lefty Trudeau must go, so sad and really sick mentality. Pres. Trump is FOR his country, helping and protecting it. The lefty puppet “rulers” Canada has are really against our country or any country, just for the take everything radical rich elite UN’s one world order, divide separate destroy, radical indoctrination, and other gloom and doom to do it.

Shellie H

Another hater. Pay no mind.

old white guy

Does any thinking person expect anything different from these freaking socialist morons?

Beverley Campbell

Says she who benefits from Justin Turdeau largesse with out tax dollars.


Trudope must go? Who on here is going to stop the communist dictator.Perhaps it will the foraging for a garbage can lunch before anyone may try to intervene.You can say what about the French but at least there fighting to save what’s Left of the country and thousands of brace Canadian’s died to help save.

David Henley

Nothing surprises me from the liberal media. Known for the lies and support of the most dangerous man in Canada. Trudeau not only laughs at President Trump but has little regard for the entire country. President Trump may be a little off center but he has turned around the country. United a lot of people and put them back to work. look at what Trudeau has done. Divided the people, endangered the security of a nation, continues to drive out jobs, lies to the people and is a criminal who has no regard for our laws.