“Don’t Blame PM, It’s About Time World Leaders Made Fun Of Trump,” Says Debate Moderator Susan Delacourt

Canada’s political and media elites fall in line behind Justin once again.

One thing we’ve seen over and over again is that no matter what Justin Trudeau does, the political and media establishment fall in line behind him.

And we’re seeing it once again, as Susan Delacourt – who moderated the English language federal leaders debate – is taking Trudeau’s side.

As you can see in the screenshot below, Delacourt’s article is titled “Don’t blame PM. It’s about time world leaders made fun of Trump.”

“The Toronto Star receives $115,000/week from Trudeau. So they’ve decided it’s really funny to personally insult our chief ally, trading partner and only hope for getting our hostages out of China. Sounds more like a student newspaper than any serious publication. #JustinJournos”


Nevermind the fact that Trudeau has been criticized by both Andrew Scheer and Jagmeet Singh for the remarks caught on microphone, Delacourt is pushing the message that we should somehow keep insulting the leader of our closest ally.


Also, this makes it even more disturbing that Delacourt moderated the federal leaders debate, and only feeds into the obvious perception and reality that there is massive pro-Liberal media bias skewing the politics of our country.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter