Trudeau’s Throne Speech Already Overshadowed By Nightmare Jobs Report

All the flowery language in the world can’t distract from Canada’s real problems.

Justin Trudeau’s throne speech was about twice as long as the first one his government delivered upon taking office.

It contained a bunch of words, and the Governor General even threw in some talk about the ‘space-time continuum’ and the ‘planetary spaceship.’

But now, it’s already been completely overshadowed by real-world events.

Namely, the horrendous jobs report revealing that Canada lost 71,200 jobs, with loss in all major sectors. Manufacturing is down, resource sector jobs are down, services sector jobs are down, public service jobs are down.

Bad news across the board.

This will now be what gets the most attention, and rightfully so. As I wrote earlier, Canada is facing serious problems:

“Canada’s economy is clearly in serious trouble, and even the establishment press is losing the ability to hide it from the Canadian People. Debt worries are surging, job numbers are terrible, investment is fleeing, and a rising tax burden takes more and more money out of people’s pockets.”

Now, with the jobs report showing such a big drop in employment – the unemployment rate surged from 5.5 to 5.9% – the Trudeau Liberals are forced to face the consequences of their policies. Canada’s economy is weakening, and no amount of flowery language or ruminations on the space-time continuum can change that.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube