POLL: Canadians Don’t Trust Trudeau To Deal With Rising Western Separatism

Clear majority say they think he can’t address it.

A new Nanos survey shows the majority of Canadians don’t trust Justin Trudeau to deal with the rise of Western separatism.

In part, that’s likely because Trudeau himself is the cause of the big separatist surge, as his policies have been devastating for the Western energy industry, and his contempt for Western Canadians is clear.

According to the survey, 19% of Canadians say they are ‘not confident,’ Trudeau can address rising separatist sentiment in the West, while 38% say they are ‘somewhat not confident.’ Combined, that’s 57% of Canadians who don’t trust Trudeau to deal with it.

Meanwhile, only around 10% have confidence in Trudeau’s ability to handle it.

In the Prairies, the numbers are even worse for Trudeau, with a total of 79% expressing a lack of confidence in Trudeau’s ability to handle rising Wexit support.

Those are terrible numbers for Trudeau, and shows that he’s received no post-election bounce in voter perception. If anything, Canadians can see how Trudeau’s ‘victory’ despite losing the popular vote will deepen Canada’s divisions, because Trudeau refuses to take any action that would address the serious problems in Western Canada that have been caused by his policies.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube