REPORT: Trump Administration & House Democrats Have Tentative NAFTA Deal

The US House of Representatives could vote on the deal before Christmas.

The Trump Administration and House Democrats are close to passage of the new NAFTA deal.

According to CNBC, a tentative agreement has been reached:

“If the White House sends ratifying legislation to Congress by Dec. 15 to kick off the approval process, the Democratic-held House could vote on ratifying the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement by Dec. 18, the sources said.”

The House Democrats had been seeking stronger labour protections, out of concerns that jobs would continue to be shipped to Mexico. Those increased labour protections could also benefit Canada, as we have lost many of our auto sector jobs to Mexico.

However, while Justin Trudeau claimed he was working with Trump on NAFTA during the recent NATO meeting, his ‘mean girls’ moment mocking the US President could scuttle any leverage or gains Canada had made.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube