Conservative Motion Calling For All-Party Special Committee On Canada-China Relations Passes Despite Liberal Opposition

The NDP, Bloc, and Green Party voted in favour of the Conservative motion.

A motion by the Conservatives calling for an all-party special committee to address Canada-China relations has passed.

The vote was 171-148.

It’s the first time the Liberals are really seeing the consequence of their huge loss of votes and seats in the election, as the motion passed even with all the Liberals trying to block it.

Despite Liberal opposition, the combined votes of the Conservatives, NDP, Bloc, and Green Party ensured that the motion passed.

The text of the motion is below:

“By a vote of 171-148, our Opposition Day motion to create a special Parliamentary Committee on Canada-China relations passed with support from the Bloc, the NDP, the Green Party, and an Independent. Read the motion below.”

Erin O’Toole commented on Twitter, calling the vote “an important first step towards a more serious and accountable approach to Canada-China relations.”

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer also shared a message on Twitter following the motion passing:

“UPDATE: Despite the Trudeau Liberals voting against our motion, to appoint a special all-party committee to examine the recent diplomatic crisis with the Chinese government, has passed. Canada’s Conservatives will continue to deliver real results for Canadians.”

Now, the Liberals will have to answer for their failed approach to China, and their weakness can be challenged directly with members of all parties able to contribute.

The Canadian People will need to keep up the pressure, and ensure that our country stands strong in the face of China’s aggression and mistreatment of Canada.

You can watch a video of the motion being passed below:

Spencer Fernando

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