POLL: Vast Majority Of Canadians Want Huawei Blocked From Our 5G Networks

Three quarters also want restrictions on Chinese investment in Canada’s ‘sensitive’ industries.

A huge new Angus Reid poll shows Canadian public opinion turning clearly against China.

On the specific question of whether China-controlled Huawei should be able to be involved in Canada’s 5G networks, 68% say no, while 21% say yes.

Clear majorities of supporters of all parties want Huawei blocked. 79% of Conservatives, 65% of Liberals, 66% of New Democrats, and 60% of Bloc voters want the Chinese company to be blocked from Canada’s 5G networks.

In addition, 77% of Canadians want Chinese investment in sensitive industries like finance and telecommunications to be prohibited.

Regionally, there’s majority support for such a prohibition in every part of the country. 78% of BC residents, 81% of Albertans, 82% of Saskatchewan/Manitoba residents, 83% of Ontarians, 66% of Quebeckers, and 64% of people in Atlantic Canada want those prohibitions put in place.

Now, these results must be put into effect by Canada’s politicians. For far too long, the elites have ignored what the Canadian People think about China, but the overwhelming sentiment against China can’t be dismissed.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube