BREAKING: Andrew Scheer Resigns

Made announcement at Caucus meeting that he would resign as Conservative Leader.

Andrew Scheer has resigned as Conservative leader.

He made the announcement during the Conservative Caucus meeting.

Since narrowly losing the 2019 election, Scheer had faced calls from many Conservatives to step down.

Scheer says he will stay on as leader through the upcoming leadership race.

More to come on this breaking news story…

Spencer Fernando

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Major Tom

Considering the basically identical agendas of both major political parties……Who cares?


So VERY sorry to see Scheer step down. It’s been an uphill battle, for sure, but I have great respect for Andrew Scheer & his very hard work for the CPC. I wish him the very best & definitely hope he does not leave politics!


Well good !
Schreer is a nice enough guy, the problem he is too nice and a liberal at heart.