Global News Reports Conservative Sources Say Scheer Used Party Money For His Children’s Private Schooling

“Members of the Conservative Fund are outraged” says report.

Global News is reporting that Andrew Scheer used Conservative Party funds on the private school education of his children.

Here’s what reporter Mercedes Stephenson said:

“Global News has learned that Scheer is resigning after it was revealed he had been using Conservative Party money to pay for his children’s private school education.”

“#CPC sources tell Global News that members of the Conservative Fund are outraged and demanded Scheer’s resignation when they found out party money was being spent on private schooling. Sources say the expenditures were made without the knowledge or approval of the Fund”

If true, this would explain why Scheer’s resignation appeared so sudden, especially when it appeared he was going to fight at least until the leadership review.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter

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Sandra Davenport

And yet Sophie Trudeau needs extra nannies!
At least Sheer can put that money back.


Gerald Butts and Katie Telford received over $200.000 for moving expenses. But no one said boo about that.


I am waiting for more information on this subject. I will say if it is factual, I would be disappointed.


I see he trusted the wrong people.
If this was Justin the media would be making ready excuses for him.


Are there no honest Canadians left ( well no there isn’t) the left is definitely not honest. This, if true, with all the lies going on is very disappointing and heartbreaking for Canada. Who honestly can we vote for, with morality integrity that can save Canada from these little people and the debt machines, destroying our country, if not one is honest.


If this proves to be true ? EVERY conservative out there that donated to the Conservative party , should demand their money back. Isn’t this ‘misappropriation of funds’ ?He’s no better than Trudeau – surprise, surprise…. Of course Scheer did appear to cheat on that last leadership ballot by suddenly ‘finding’ just enough ‘new conservatives’ to push him over the top after Bernier had led on the first 12 ballots…. !!! I sensed something in Scheer that I didn’t like months back now : Liberal Lite and now this scandal, if it pans out to be true.I’m sticking with Maxime… Read more »


Hey, the boss has his or her perks. This compensation would also happen in private business. Politicians make little as it is, even the PM. Would anyone here run a trillion-dollar business for the peanuts the PM is paid? Not a friggin chance. Where was the stink about Trudeau repeatedly campaigning all across Canada, trashing Harper and pretending his horribly expensive polluting travels were for some pretend PM business, paid for by the taxpayer, of course? Where were the endless complaints and accusations by the media regarding Trudeau using TWO planes to run around the country during the campaign? That… Read more »

Don Hart

At least it was above board, lets have a look at trudeau’s off shore accounts ??


We might also take a gander at any accounts he might have in some of the Communist Chinese Banks he approved. A little suspicious that a statue of his alegged father was donated and a massive increase in “donations” to the Justin Trudeau Family Benefit Fund was observed. Could that be some of the reasons he is so in love with the Communist Chinese?