Announcing The Launch Of The Fernando Report

Your news hub & news aggregator for Patriotic Canadians

I am excited to announce the launch of THE FERNANDO REPORT.

The Fernando Report will be a new section of my website that will function as a news hub and news aggregator focusing on Patriotic Canadians journalists and commentators.

In the last few years we’ve seen beyond any doubt that the mainstream establishment media is horribly biased. And as a result, many Canadians are fighting back, with more and more people getting their news and opinion from websites like,,,, and more. The honest, Patriotic message of those sites is a big part of why they are growing in readership.

Since the election, many people have been seeking a news hub that focuses on those growing sources of Canadian news and opinion, bringing them together in one place.

And that’s why I’m launching The Fernando Report.

The Fernando Report will be regularly updated with links to breaking stories and opinion, helping to aggregate the content that the establishment media often refuses to cover or promote.

I will continue to write my own articles regularly as well, this will simply be an added effort to provide a growing news hub.

I encourage you to bookmark The Fernando Report and make it your homepage.


Spencer Fernando

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Yes SpencerFernando it is about time that the journalist expose this underhandings that are going on.I often writte on your site.You are the only one that I writte on because I trust you.I do not trust any news papers I feel they have been bought by someone.A lot of time I put a comment on radio stations,but it is never aired on the air.I think they collecting it to feel the public pulse.Fernando I am old man still with a good faculties and have a god memory right back to the second world war,and I lived on three continents.I know… Read more »

Dave French

Excellent Spencer, looking forward to your FERNADO REPORT


Great idea, thanks Spencer.


Great news Spencer! The factual truth, we all respect your writing, thank you for your hard work getting the truth and real news out there.

Lynne Mayotte

This is very good news. Thank you.

Gary major

Spencer great news!