Trudeau Has Basically Appointed Chrystia Freeland As Prime Minister

She’s ‘lead minister’ dealing with all other ministers. Almost sounds like a ‘prime’ minister…

Justin Trudeau may be subtly acknowledging that he’s not up to the job of being PM.

That’s what people are starting to notice after he appointed Chrystia Freeland as Deputy PM, and then gave her a whole bunch of new roles.

Among those roles are as “implementer-in-chief,” taking the lead on files dealing with Canada’s provinces and Indigenous Canadians, being the lead on all files dealing with other ministers.

That’s quite a lot…

It’s also basically the job description of the PM.

Freeland is in charge of getting things done, dealing with other ministers, and dealing with the provinces and Indigenous governments.

That really sounds like a Prime Minister.

The question then is what Trudeau has left to do.

And the answer is not much.

This may be a tacit acknowledgement by Trudeau and his inner-circle that he really isn’t up to the task of being PM, and that he’ll now transition to more of a ‘mascot’ role, attending the party fundraising circuit and being rolled out to cry every once in a while.

Trudeau is a very-much weakened political figure who really should have been defeated in the 2019 campaign. Only a boring Conservative leader and the complicity of the establishment press kept Trudeau in power with a minority government, and the more Canadians saw him in office the less popular he got.

Now, many of the key reigns of government power are being transferred to Chrystia Freeland, leaving Trudeau in an increasingly ceremonial role. And yet, even a diminished Trudeau will manage to cause continuing damage.

Spencer Fernando