DIVISIVE: Trudeau Attacks Kenney In New Interview, Appears Clueless About State Of Canadian Economy

Says “he’s not backing off” on “fighting climate change,” signalling he’s going to keep screwing over Canada’s energy industry.

In a new interview with CTV Chief Anchor Lisa LaFlamme, Justin Trudeau is once again attacking Jason Kenney, sending a clear indication that he’ll be continuing his anti-Canadian energy policies.

Trudeau claimed that the Alberta Premier is “not as serious about fighting climate change,” once again falsely assuming that the only way to help the environment is to take more money out of the pockets of Canadians.

Here’s what Trudeau said:

“The issue I disagree with Mr. Kenney on is the issue of whether or not we have to be active in fighting climate change. Mr. Kenney does not seem to be as serious about fighting climate change and I think that’s an area that we’re going to have to agree to disagree, because I’m not backing off.”

This is a clear signal from Trudeau that things are going to get worse for the Canadian energy industry. “Fighting climate change” is the rhetoric Trudeau uses to push his agenda of taking more money away from Canadians and pushing energy investment to foreign countries.

Of course, the world’s largest emitters all keep expanding their emissions, and China alone is building more coal power plants than have been shutdown in Europe.

But that doesn’t matter to Trudeau, his virtue-signalling keeps costing Canada billions of dollars, and is doing serious damage to the lives of so many Canadians, particularly many Albertans, where the unemployment rate for young men has hit a whopping 20%.

Trudeau appears completely clueless to the damage being done in Alberta, and the worsening situation across our whole country.

Even as his own government’s fiscal update predicts low growth, household debt is rising, and the latest jobs report being absolutely devastating, Trudeau is pretending that all is well:

“We’ve been consistent that investing in people, investing in training, investing in innovation, investing in supporting people to buy their first homes or have more affordable transit is the way of creating opportunities for people. That focus on people has worked for the past four years and is what we’re going to continue doing with partners across the country.”

“Has worked…”?

What the hell is he talking about?

By showing so much ignorance about the economy, and by making divisive comments about Kenney, it’s clear that Canada is heading in a dangerous direction.

Trudeau also shows that he’s learned nothing from losing his majority government and losing the popular vote, and he’s as arrogant and divisive as ever.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Screengrab


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