DIVISIVE: Trudeau Attacks Kenney In New Interview, Appears Clueless About State Of Canadian Economy

Says “he’s not backing off” on “fighting climate change,” signalling he’s going to keep screwing over Canada’s energy industry.

In a new interview with CTV Chief Anchor Lisa LaFlamme, Justin Trudeau is once again attacking Jason Kenney, sending a clear indication that he’ll be continuing his anti-Canadian energy policies.

Trudeau claimed that the Alberta Premier is “not as serious about fighting climate change,” once again falsely assuming that the only way to help the environment is to take more money out of the pockets of Canadians.

Here’s what Trudeau said:

“The issue I disagree with Mr. Kenney on is the issue of whether or not we have to be active in fighting climate change. Mr. Kenney does not seem to be as serious about fighting climate change and I think that’s an area that we’re going to have to agree to disagree, because I’m not backing off.”

This is a clear signal from Trudeau that things are going to get worse for the Canadian energy industry. “Fighting climate change” is the rhetoric Trudeau uses to push his agenda of taking more money away from Canadians and pushing energy investment to foreign countries.

Of course, the world’s largest emitters all keep expanding their emissions, and China alone is building more coal power plants than have been shutdown in Europe.

But that doesn’t matter to Trudeau, his virtue-signalling keeps costing Canada billions of dollars, and is doing serious damage to the lives of so many Canadians, particularly many Albertans, where the unemployment rate for young men has hit a whopping 20%.

Trudeau appears completely clueless to the damage being done in Alberta, and the worsening situation across our whole country.

Even as his own government’s fiscal update predicts low growth, household debt is rising, and the latest jobs report being absolutely devastating, Trudeau is pretending that all is well:

“We’ve been consistent that investing in people, investing in training, investing in innovation, investing in supporting people to buy their first homes or have more affordable transit is the way of creating opportunities for people. That focus on people has worked for the past four years and is what we’re going to continue doing with partners across the country.”

“Has worked…”?

What the hell is he talking about?

By showing so much ignorance about the economy, and by making divisive comments about Kenney, it’s clear that Canada is heading in a dangerous direction.

Trudeau also shows that he’s learned nothing from losing his majority government and losing the popular vote, and he’s as arrogant and divisive as ever.

Spencer Fernando

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Donald O'Kane

Kenny think about supporting Wexit. We have to get away from this a-hole and his leftard liberal government. He has no intentions on letting off on Alberta and Western Canada. There will be NO fair deal coming from this arrogant, Country killing SOB.


Hey trudope, why don’t u invest in a brain

Joseph Scully

It is ridiculous to state that he “appears” clueless. He “is” clueless!


I’d love to know how this goof is fighting climate change by letting in thousands of immigrants, illegal border crossers, international students, temp. workers (most of who aren’t temporary) and refugees every year. This idiot wants us to reduce our greenhouse gas output by letting in more people to make more greenhouse gas or carbon output. What a scam. I’m so sick of hearing about climate change I could scream. I’m sick of hearing about racism as well. I’ve cancelled my cable, have HD rabbit ears and can only take watching a bit of the news before turning the TV… Read more »

Gary major

Trudeau and his Sycophant liberals are completely invested in the UN World GVT. to Canadas LOSS!


Justin Trudeau is a child desperate for male affirmation! He will do anything for the affirmation that he’s receiving from the Globalist sthat have put him in his position to destroy the Economy. He’s getting a pat on the back and more encouragement to destroy Canada and he’s so stupid that he’s easy to control and that’s why they have him in this position.


If successful Trudeau will be the last PM of Canada.


every time he opens his mout turdface helps the wexit cause.


I cannot fathom how someone so patently disengaged and frankly stupid can sit opposite a journalistic and churn out so much verbal BS and erroneously think he is fooling anyone. He is planning to continue “advocating” for the release of the two detained Canadians in China. Really? And how does the fool plan on doing that. How about some truly demonstrative action! Arresting the CEO of Huawei – at the behest of Trump – was the DUMBEST move he could’ve done to Canada. Trump played him like a fiddle! I shake my head in incredulity that this idiot is in… Read more »


He is clueless about everything.


The Federal, Provincial and Municipal politicians are so stupid, the science proves CO2 does not affect warming and that the climate has been constantly changing for millions of years. Our Sun (yes the big bright, hot ball in our sky) has the greatest affect on temperatures, changes in climate, and cosmic rays intensify (the sun’s weakening magnetic field allows more particles from deep space into the solar system, boosting radiation levels in Earth’s atmosphere). The Sun is actually heading into a cold cycle now (less sun spots) which will affect temperatures, the jet stream, crop yields, etc. The politicians just… Read more »

Steve Richards

As I have said before. Every Canadian could disappear off the face of the earth tomorrow and that would not impact in any way the conditions of the planet. Why are we playing these idiotic games surrounding global warming when Canada is a net plus to the world? Trudeau spells it all out again. It is very simple, it is time for the west to go. WEXIT time.

Brian Dougan

Investment…investment….action…fighting climate change. Cheap babble. Unfortunately; this former “bouncer” has been taking a baseball bat to Canada’s knees. Is he truly incapable of seeing the devastating consequences of his “investment” and “action?” He calls the tune, and we pay the price.


This is good. Every time Trudeau opens his mouth he puts his foot in it. More Canadians are waking up to the fact that he is totally incapable of the job, and that Canada is now the buffoon of the international community. All this will hasten the end of Trudeau and his Liberal ship of fools.


Yes they are waking up to his dangerous globalist agenda but they’ll repackage their votes in Orange. They still think the climate can be changed by taxation and stopping capitalism.


Not really, the NDP took the biggest hit in the past election, they went from 44 seats under Tom Mulcaire, to 25 seats under Jagmet Singh.

Michael Loftus

Justin …. Yup that Fcking Alberta’s Oil is a Canadian problem … thankfully the really large deposit of COAL at the coast of B.C. is OK because it will be burned in China and the climate change will be in China so it will not affect Canada. So two faced …. let’s start a collection and find out how much it would cost to get him that seat in New York and then maybe we can live!

Don Taylor

Is Turdeau really that STUPID? He is the most hated PM in Canadian history and he deserves it


He’s not clueless at all. He’s been brainwashed by his father since birth.


His father was another babbling idiot, he just sounded more profound in his babbling.

carson burback

YUP and the budget still hasn’t balanced itself!!! Wexit 2020!!!!!

Barry Bateman

7 to 12 million people worldwide die every year from a lack of energy. Only 56 thousand die from climate related causes, real and imaginary. JT’s climate crisis is an unscientific boondoggle to frighten schoolchildren and extort money from one part of Canada for the benefit of another. Shameful, divisive and based on the most ignorance of climate science.