Morneau To Deliver Fiscal Update Amid Worsening Economy

Deficit projections, transfer payments to be part of remarks by finance minister.

As Canada’s economy worsens, with household debt piling up, growth slowing, and abysmal job numbers, finance minister Bill Morneau will be delivering a fiscal update Monday morning.

The update will include updated deficit projections, a report on upcoming transfer payments, and spending estimates.

The Conservatives had called repeatedly for Morneau to deliver a fiscal update, following clear evidence that Canada’s economy is weakening.

Notably, Morneau will be delivering the update outside the House of Commons, meaning the Opposition won’t be able to grill him about it right after. It’s a move that Conservative finance critic Pierre Poilievre called “gutless.”

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Liberal cowards, terrified of having to answer to the Canadian people. Why not just leave a copy on the sidewalk and have one of the thousands of homeless find it. We hear this AM that it will be yet another $20 billion deficit. Why? We are told the economy is doing great so why are the Liberals not paying down the massive debt? Could it be that the economic numbers are another Liberal lie? Could it be the Liberals don’t care?


They are playing games in order not to tell Canadians the truth.
As a taxpayer and a citizen, I am sick to my stomach with the consistent deceit and contempt they show the people of this country.

Donald O'Kane

They are trying to hide everything and keep everyone in the dark about their failed government.

Ron Shaw

Old lieing Bill “gutless “ really …… I would have never guessed .