POILIEVRE vs THE PRESS: Conservative Finance Critic Fights Back Against Reporter Over Recession Questions

The media keeps pushing the Liberal message, and Poilievre fights back.

As we’ve all noticed, the establishment press has totally forgotten their jobs.

Usually, the media fights to hold the government accountable, and often has an antagonistic relationship with the party in power.

But under the Trudeau government, the media often acts like an extended arm of the state, relentlessly attacking the Official Opposition over and over and over again.

The latest example can be seen in how a reporter repeatedly badgered Pierre Poilievre, interrupting him as he was talking about the growing fears of a recession in Canada.

Numerous experts have said the risk of a recession is growing, the government has repeatedly downgraded their growth forecasts, and the majority of Canadians are concerned that a recession is looming.

Yet, the reporter stunningly claimed that only the Conservatives are talking about a recession, which is absolutely absurd.

Instead of letting that go unanswered, Poilievre fought back, as you can see in the video below:

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Don Taylor

the corrupt Turdeau govt has the media paid off,you will never get a straight answer from this band of corrupt liberal politicians and the people Are starting to get to get really pissed off with them

Don Taylor

you can only fool the people some of the time ,but in the end the truth will come out,The turdeau govt is corrupt as hell


Yes and even with a minority government he will still inflict as much damage to the west namely Alberta as he possibly can


The truth IS out, Don. The Liberals and paid-for media don’t even try to hide it anymore. Canada and most Canadians are in for a very bad time. We have a corrupt narcissistic Liberal Government intent on the destruction of this country, a Conservative Party in disarray, an economy on the verge of failing, a Media that is openly biased and the NDP who openly hate Conservatives. WEXIT makes more sense every day.

Eric Blair

There’s the next leader of the CPC and he is from Ontario.


I’ve only watched Poilievre speak a few times, but thus far, IMHO, he’s definitely the guy who should be taking the position left vacant by Sheer. He has more smarts in his pinky finger than most politicians by a long shot. He’s SERIOUS, logical, informed. I haven’t done research yet as the next election is a ways away, but I want someone who takes the job seriously and is knowledgeable about fiscal matters, and is NOT a CAREER politician. Making a career from politics is NOT the same thing as choosing to be in politics AS a forever career.

Garlet Farlett

Born in Calgary though.


Freeland is from Alberta but she is a Liberal, therefore, she has no clue how Canadians feel.


Don’t trust their agenda either but hopefully someone who has enough righteous moral standards will be the next party leader!


Yes all the more reason to separate , even Harper was so concerned with keeping the East happy that the west pays for it

Gary major

The Media hacks have met their match with Pierre Anybody watch that shrill wandering around in a circle after the video totally destroyed her DAY!


The media, too many no longer media, the PR corp too often some of them are for the Liberals and their paycheque…..


Trudeau like father hates the west so much he will destroy the country to to destroy Alberta


‘Music to my ears.’