POLL: More Say Canada On The Wrong Track

In every region, more people say Canada is on the wrong track than the right one.

A new Angus Reid survey shows a plurality of Canadians saying Canada is on the wrong track.

49% say the country is going in the wrong direction, vs just 30% who say it’s going in the right one.

Meanwhile, 20% say they aren’t sure.

In Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba, 66%, 70%, and 58% say the country is on the wrong track. In BC, Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic Canada, 49%, 47%, 42%, and 47% say the same. In no region of the country do more people say things are going in the right direction that those who say it’s going in the wrong direction.

82% of Conservatives say Canada is heading down the wrong path, along with 55% of Bloc supporters and 43% of Green supporters. The NDP is divided, with 37% saying ‘wrong track’ and 36% saying ‘right track,’ while most Liberals unsurprisingly support the direction of the government, with 56% saying things are on the right track.

Notably however, 22% of Liberals say things are going the wrong way, and 22% are unsure, leaving a combined 44% of those who support the Liberals unable to express clear support for where Canada is heading. That’s another example of the fact that the Liberals won in large part because they effectively demonized the Conservatives, rather than inspiring people to support the Trudeau agenda.

Spencer Fernando


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Explain to me how the sock puppet got elected without voter fraud & media pay off. Shared.

don morris

Trudeau got elected because the Opposition ran the weakest candidate in history against him. Any competent leader with any idea of how to win an election should have taken it in a landslide.Unfortunately the CPC chose Andrew Scheer.


Agreed. Scheer was the weak at best. Thank you for your comment.

Donald O'Kane

Canada is sooooooo bloody screwed under the direction of Turdeau and his liberal government and I fear that returning to where we should be is almost an insurmountable task. I am very concerned for my children and grandchildren. They are the ones that will inherit a bankrupt country with very high unemploynent. If something isn’t done soon I fear there will be a revolt and it could be very ugly. If Turdeau wants to break up Canada, this POS is going about it in a very ignorant way. The federal government has interfered in all sectors of industry in a… Read more »


The tract of never cut expenses and always expand the economy by our government has broken Canadians economically.
Even all these charities are at half of their usual donations this year.


The whole premise of globalization is the need of other countries to keep this economic engine going.
The downside, should it fail, most countries will be devastated as now your not able to be self-sufficient in your own country.

Gordon Stevenson

People should have thought before voting Liberal or NDP(who backed the Liberals).