BREAKING: U.S. House Democrats Vote To Impeach President Donald Trump

Trump will face a trial in the Senate, where he’s almost certainly going to be acquitted.

The U.S. House of Representatives has voted to impeach U.S. President Donald Trump.

The House voted along party lines, with Democrats voting to impeach, and all Republicans voting against impeachment.

Two House Democrats, including one who is switching parties soon, voted against impeachment.

Notably, Trump’s popularity has increased during the impeachment process, similar to what happened with Bill Clinton when the Republicans tried to impeach him.

Trump is almost assuredly going to be either acquitted or exonerated in the Senate, as the Republican-held chamber is expect to support Trump staying in office.

Spencer Fernando

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Don Taylor

The dumbocrats are just another bunch of do nothing for the people socialist idiots

Don Taylor

Trump now has a lock on retaining his presidency

pancake rachel corrie


Norbert Kausen

The democraps have usurped the democratic process, they have made a mockery of justice by conducting this farcical witch hunt! They WILL pay dearly for their folly! They should be charged with high treason for this continuous debacle that has destabilized the USA!

Bill Donaldson

A senate trial might not occur. Rumour is rife that Pelosi will not send the articles to the Senate.

William Jones

Trump — a light in the tunnel of the darkness of “liberalism” = Democrats vs fundamental reality and loyalty of country — the same as it is in Canada, without the impeachment potential.

Ron Shaw

Democrats and Canadian liberals are cut from the same cloth . They will lie , thieve and steel , to line their own pockets . They have proven over and over to be only self serving and only for an elitist’s personal bank account not the middle class as they preach . They view the world as their financial oyster , not to be shared or broken up .This is why a fair , majority elected Republican president does not mean anything to aDemocrat or a Liberal . Throughout the mockery trial they knew full well the Biden’s are guilty… Read more »