REPORT: Former Quebec Liberal Premier May Run For Conservative Leadership

Alleged corruption that took place under the tenure of the Charest Liberals is still being investigated in Quebec by anti-corruption authorities.

Jean Charest, the former Quebec Liberal Premier, former Minister in the Mulroney government, and former Progressive Conservative Party Leader, is considering a run for the Conservative leadership.

According to Radio-Canada, Charest has been “urged” to run by some MPs, who remain unnamed.

Charest is said to be consulting with his family.

After leaving the PC Party, Charest joined the Quebec Liberals in 1998.

Between 2003 and 2012, Charest served as the Liberal Premier of Quebec.

As noted in the report on his potential run, Quebec’s anti corruption UPAC authorities are still investigating alleged corruption that took place during Charest’s time as Quebec Liberal Party Leader, including investigations into Quebec Liberal Party financing.

Charest would certainly struggle to win any support in the Western Base of the Conservative Party, and would be vulnerable to the same attacks that were levelled against Justin Trudeau by the Conservative Party itself.

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Steve Richards

Another corrupt Liberal/Conservative from Quebec. That is exactly who we would want to lead the Conservative Party………..or is it who they would want to lead it? He shouldn’t even be allowed to enter the race. If he is, another reason to leave Canada. WEXIT NOW.


Mmm, no thank you.

Ronald Condly

Just what the “Conservatives” need, another Red Tory or Conservative Light leader. Charest may be expressing interest in a leadership run but I hope the CPC executive see that he is possibly the worst candidate the Party need at this moment. Scheer last election was unable to attract enough of the conservative base and convince enough of the liberal base to swing in the last election, how would a leader like Charest succeed where Scheer failed? I would suggest a strong Conservative consistently proud of his Conservative values and willing to defend the Conservative movement with strength and passion could… Read more »

Ben Eby

Charest is a corrupt, worn out, useless old windbag who is half a century out of his element! You are so right Ronald Conaly, Canada is a disgustingly corrupt, valueless, massive piece of deep socialist wasteland, that is bigger than California. I’m ashamed to be part of what was once a country with a glorious future. There is nothing left to be proud of. The Trudeaus and their Laurentian cabal cohorts have looked after that, followed by the socialist stench implanted by Gerald Butts.


If he gets considered, my next correspondence to the Conservative Party would contain my Membership Card.



Who would think that a good idea?

Norbert Kausen

So, just when you think the fiberals can not get any lower, they do! Charest should and must NOT be allowed to run for the Conservatives! IF he does, then the CPC will be totally finished! They will be nothing more than liberal II and THAT is NOT what any conservative wants! That would be good for the PPC, though!

Robert Anes

Name me ONE Lie-beral PM from Quebec that was good for ALL of Canada.


Jean Charest already lost to Kim Campbell FFS…. he lost to Canada’s shortest lasting leader..
She served one short term in 1993.
She succeeded Brian Mulroney as prime minister and then led the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada in the general election of 1993.
The Progressive Conservatives were almost wiped out in the election, going from a majority government of 154 seats at dissolution, to two seats and loss of party status in the House of Commons and she beat Jean Charest for that job….


As I have stated previously the federal conservatives have become liberals just wearing conservative colours. This is a joke to even consider Charest.

Garlet Farlett

NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If this french elite puppet gets back in the Lieberal controlled Conservative Party that is the end of the Conservative Party again, remember what fake Lieberal/Conservative Party PM Mulroney (who now also wants his daughter to run) did then we are back to no one to vote for, NO Conservative Party as it will break up again.


The very idea is so gobsmackingly absurd I expect the CPC “brain”-trust will seriously consider it. As a boon to WEXIT I support Mr. Charest’s candidacy wholeheartedly.

Sandra Davenport


Gary major

Charest should go back to the liberal fold and stay there this time ! Just how much time does it take to investigate liberal corruption in my opinion NO MORE THAN A WEEK


“Former Liberal” ? NOT buying it. All it will end up doing is having TWO ‘Liberal’ parties in Canada. I’m SO fed up with this nonsense. Surely the Conservatives have a few real conservatives left in the party to choose
from ?!! It really doesn’t matter to me. I’ll be voting for the ONLY true conservative party left in Canada now : Maxime Bernier and the PPC.


Ha !
I wonder if this is a good idea ?
A Liberal running for the headship of the Conservative Party ?

Just look at the legacy of John Tory, that liberal loon. He was NEVER conservative !

Its happening again, gotta wonder why Conservativesw are soooo stupid to let this happen again ?