VIDEO: RCMP Refusing To Confirm Or Deny Whether Trudeau Is Under Investigation For Possible Obstruction Of Justice

“This scandal is not over yet” says Bob Fife.

While SNC-Lavalin has pled guilty to one count of fraud, for which they will pay a $280 million fine, has brought part of the company’s legal problems to an end.

But, as journalist Bob Fife noted on Power Play, “this scandal is not over yet.”

As Fife noted, the RCMP has neither confirmed nor denied whether they are still looking at whether Trudeau and his aides committed obstruction of justice by pressuring the Attorney General to drop the case against SNC-Lavalin.

And with the Liberals now reduced to a minority government, the Opposition has the power to push for more investigations.

You can watch Fife’s remarks below:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


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Gordon Stevenson

It would explain Trudeau passing the power over to Freeland.

alan skelhorne

goes to show that the prancing liar pm is above the law.


Simply claiming “Cabinet confidentiality” is seen as the Obstruction of Justice. Will CSIS and the RCMP be obtaining search warrants? Will Sofi be requested to testify? This doesn’t seem to be just a criminal thing as it involved a significant Liberal donor’s association and dealings with a foreign leader and his family. This could be bigger than the President trump thing in the States, as our Parliamentary System has no provision for impeachment, just criminal charges. Did Trudeau see this coming and handoff PM duties and responsibilities to Freeland? Probably.

Gerri Page

That money should not go to the Liberal govt. because they will just give it away to other countries or look after the illegals.


The wheels of Justice run very slow for my liking. A lot of damage has been done to our country by this character and his cohorts.
I only hope it is not too late to repair the damage that has been done.

Leo Frey

We all know there will be no investigation. This is just smoke and mirrors from a police force that has ZERO interest in upholding the law. They are just like Trudeau…nothing but a figurehead in Canada and would never go against Trudeau who has proven time and again that our laws dont apply to him. They are a disgrace just like Trudeau.

Raymond Merkus

That is so unfortunate for all of us true Canadians, but Trudy has shown us he is above the law here, and that seems to be the rule for our corrupt RCMP also….

John Farren

RCMP commissioner is in Trudeaus pocket wouldn’t hold your breath on anything happening