While Trudeau Government Eliminates Canadian Coal Industry, Federal Agency Invests $141 Million In CHINA’S COAL INDUSTRY: Blacklock’s

“CPP Board likes coal investments — in China.”

The Trudeau government has arrogantly and repeatedly celebrated their deliberate destruction of the Canadian Coal industry. The destruction of a historic Canadian industry has put thousands out of work, weakened our energy security, and caused significant damage in communities that were based on the coal industry.

Yet, under the Trudeau government, it turns out that the Canadian Pension Plan Board, a federal agency controlled by the Trudeau government, has invested $141 MILLION in the Chinese Coal Industry.

It was reported by Blacklock’s:

“CPP Board likes coal investments — in China. Fed agency has no comment on $141M spent on Chinese polluters. https://blacklocks.ca/agency-bets-141m-on-coal/ #cdnpoli #ClimateEmergency @cppib @environmentca”

Here’s part of what they said in their report:

“A federal agency has spent more than $100 million in the Chinese coal industry even as cabinet’s climate change plan proposes to eliminate Canadian coal-fired power plants. The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board yesterday did not comment: “The whole world needs to phase out coal.””

And on Twitter, Blacklock’s noted that the CPP board is not responding to questions:

“The @cppib did not respond to questions from Blacklock’s Reporter. #cdnpoli”

This is sickening hypocrisy, and goes to show once again why the Trudeau government and political class is so often seen as being totally disloyal to the Canadian People.

You can read the full report here (paywalled)

Spencer Fernando


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